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Why choose SSD hosting over SATA hosting?

We started our web hosting journey in 2011 and in these 5 years, many things have changed even web hosting technology. We started our company on the server based on standard HDD drives because of its affordable and more space available on a single drive. We had 4TB Drives in our server to manage free and affordable shared hosting clients, but last year we received thousands of request to change our drives from HDD to SSD for better performance. We decided to test this technology before implementing into our infrastructure because there was a huge investment in this upgrade.

Today I am going to share about my experience with normal HDD drives hosting servers and SSD based the web hosting services to help you in a better decision for your website with or any other web hosting company.

HDD Web Hosting

This HDD server still being used by 90% of web hosting providers on the internet because its cheapest option to get your servers ready. HDD stands for Hard Disk Drives which is being used to store our data since 1956, firstly introduced by IBM. Currently, we have over 10 dedicated servers in 3 data centers and 6 of them based on HDD for our free web hosting clients but we have 4x2TB SSD drives for premium web hosting users to provide more effective and fast hosting experience.

HDD Hosting Benefits:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Lots of storage available in a single drive
  • Easy to configure with servers
  • No special hardware required

Loss of using HDD Hosting:

  • Slow reading and writing speed
  • Limited Features available

SSD Drives Hosting

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, build with latest and improved microchip technology. After using SSD drives in our system, we noticed lots of improvement and our clients also seems happy with the change. Basically, we moved to SSD servers for better  I/O speed but it also reduces server load, quick access to data, we realized that there are fewer numbers of crashes in comparison of normal HDD drives.

SSD Hosting Benefits:

  • Improved I/O Speed
  • Low numbers of crashes
  • Better performance

Loss of using SSD Hosting:

  • Expensive
  • Limited Storage

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Rajesh Chauhan

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  • Hi Rajesh, Good day.
    I would always prefer SSD web hosting because there are tons of benefits and would be good enough for newbies also. Whatever, you've described very well between SSD hosting and HDD hosting. Thanks for sharing your nice thinking.

  • This article is good, it will be helpful for others to know the difference between SSD and HDD. Thanks.

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