SODA PDF Version 7 Review


I have been asked by many people in my office and friend circle as well that how to edit and customize a pdf file, almost every time I said let me find better option for you but after couple of research I found 3 applications to edit, customize, share, a pdf file. None of them satisfied me because it’s really irritating to open another application for different task for same file.

A week before I downloaded TRIAL version of Soda PDF windows app for my machine and found that it has all the features which I needed to get my PDF file ready in same window

Features Look Up

Edit PDF File: Any pdf reader doesn’t allow you to edit the document even Acrobat Reader hasn’t this feature, but this software comes with pdf editor and reader option.

Secure your documents: If you don’t want to share your file with third party or you don’t want to let them edit your material written in your documents, then you can easily secure your pdf file with password and you also disable editing.

Create PDF file: PDF files are idol to have important documents because it meets legal document requirement, it must be kept in a file format that cannot be altered without leaving an electronic footprint. With SODA PDF software you can easily create your valuable files into pdf.

Convert your files: Have documents in docx or any other format? Now you can convert your files into pdf documents with one click, you just have to import your existing file and covert them in .pdf extension.

Reduce File size: We face various issues while we are trying to send large size documents via e-mail and if you have slow internet connection then you cannot even upload it to any file sharing websites. But you can reduce file size according to your need without losing quality of you file as you know most of compressing apps alter you content quality to reduce its size, here you don’t have to worry about that.

SODA PDF Version 7

In this version they integrated 3 new revolutionary features which make it really unique and fulfill all your corporate and personal needs to manage your documents.

Dropbox and OneDrive

Now you don’t have to worry about data lose because you can upload your documents to your DropBox and OneDrive account. This is the best way to store your data online and you can easily share these documents with your friends or colleagues with virtual drives.


Installation Manager

In Version 6 of SODA pdf we have to install it with an online installer but due to high demand their team planning to bring something better option to install the application and its module easily.

I.R.I.S OCR Technology

This technology is one of the great achievements by Canon team because with I.R.I.S feature you can read text behind images like jpg or png. You need a special mouse to scan text from images and create new documents but in this version of Soda pdf you can scratch texts from any kind of image file without having any special hardware for that.


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