Snappages review and Best Alternative website Builder

Snappages is one of the free web hosting service providing the best quality service for the clients. And the most important things of this web hosting service are that they gives you for free trial version for 14days. There are about two dynamic plan-Pro &Dev; of this service and both the plan you can give the trial. You can register yourself and create a cool website for 14 days without spending sending a penny. The site is very easy to customize and manageable for you in creating a best website with SnapPages; they have many tools provided such as drag & drops, free templates and website builders all for free.

When you are satisfied with the free service and have created your website look more professional then you should upgrade your website for using more advance tools. There is also a premium plans for you to start the website with more feature and tools included in it. So if you are a beginner or starters, you must use the free trial of Snap Pages web hosting service and later, you can switch to the premium one after your website grows bigger.

SnapPages Vs GoogieHost

FeaturesSnap PagesGoogieHost
cPanel Hosting AccountNOYES
Website BuilderYESYES
Free Forever14 Days TRIALFREE
Referral ProgramNOYES
SupportTicket SupportTicket Support


Snappages hosting plan

In the premium service of Snappages Company, there are many favorable features that will suit your website. This service is a premium but the great thing about it is that you can go for free trial which limits till 14 days and later you can switch to premium with very nice features which will make your site look even better. This service is very easy to use and is divided into two types of plan in different prices; the plans are pro and dev.


Hosting plans

In this premium plan you can get very good features and all the features are well suited for professional. You can see the description explain in below

1.    Pro

it is a very good plan and this type of plans are specially suited for professional user as you can get a features which can come in handy for a people who uses code and other secure links. In this plan u can get interesting features like drag and drop editor, customization themes, unlimited pages with10gb storage, cloud file storage and advance SEO options.

Price- You can get this plan for 12$/month.

2.    Dev

This plan is for advance users and with more lot features than the first one. It has all the features that pro plan had and also it has more extra features such as edit themes HTML/CCS, manage multiple accounts, CSS classes to web blocks, one click client logins and priority support.

Price–This plan can be purchased for 20$/month. And pro can be later upgraded to dev.


Special feature and tools of the Snappages service-

So when you are trying to grab the premium service, you must know clearly about the features and tools provided in the plan. According to the website requirement you must purchase the plan; this way you will save both the money and stress.

The features are listed below-

1.    Easy to manage

When you are using a new website, your first work is to handle the looks or theme of your website. And Snappages made easier by using the easy drag and drops tools for managing your website looks.

2.    Modern Designs

You will get the latest and advance service for you to get into the real deal for taking your website to the professional levels.

3.    Blogging Tools

Snappages uses the best tools for the blogging as they are very concern about the client’s site for making them spam free and safe.

4.    Mobile Websites

This tool is very important for all the webmaster to use, as this day’s most of the traffics are coming from the mobiles browser. So the website must be flexible for which they can easily fit into any device the visitors are using.

5.    E commerce

Snap pages also provide to create the best shopping store and you can manage tools for Paypal, Shopify etc.

6.    Cloud Hosting

The service is provided with the cloud hosting service for which you can get great space for making uploading lots of data and file in your website or blog.

7.    Social Plugins

Social Network is the key ingredient for making any website to the top levels. And this service gives many apps in the website for your visitors to get connected through social media and also will be famous among the internet.

8.    SEO Integration

Search engine optimization is very important for your contents to be exposed in the internet. So as you are given with the SEO manager, you can handle that too.

9.    Expert Support

Either you are using the free or premium plans; you will get the friendly chit chat for solving your problems while optimizing your website.

So Snappages is a complete package for any beginners who want to make the top leading websites in the world. You can first start with the free trials of any one plans and later upgrade to its ultimate levels. And there are useful features which most of the expensive hosting service providers are giving in their plans. Thus grab one plan and get started now.

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