Top 21 Sites like 123Movies and Best Alternative 2023

Everything costs too much these days, and finding a website that can offer your entertainment for free is a blessing. However, if you were using 123Movies and now want to switch but do not know what to choose, here’s what we got.

Take a look at the list of 21 Best Sites like 123Movies- alternatives that work. We will look at the platforms that are free, easy to use and safe for your device.

However, some free platforms might only sometimes be safe as you might use a mirror, so we suggest you also utilise a VPN. Let us get started.

Top 21 Sites like 123Movies and Best Alternative Sites 

Here we go; we will now take you on a ride around 21 sites like 123Movies and the best alternative of 123movies. Let’s start and look at our first 123Movies alternative, Pulocker.

1. Putlocker

The first best 123Movies alternative is Pulocker. This platform has all the content you want: movies, series, documentaries and more.

This platform ensures that all content quality is maintained as millions of people use Putlocker daily. The best part is you do not have to log into the Putlocker and start watching immediately.

Putlocker : Sites like 123Movies

Do not worry about scrolling through the website to find your favourite movie; Pulocker has a search bar to help you. Also, you can watch new and old movies on Putlocker in night mode and save your eyes from straining.

2. FMovies

FMovies is an excellent alternative to paid sites and sites like 123Movies. This platform offers plenty of content in multiple genres. It is suitable for all ages as anyone can find something to watch on it.

This platform is easy to use but might not be accessible in your country. Why? FMovies do not follow copyright regulations and pirate content; therefore, it is banned in many countries with strict piracy regulations.


Therefore, if you want to access this site, you may use a VPN and watch all your favourite movies and shows on FMovies for free. 

3. WatchFree

As the name suggests, you can watch content for free on WatchFree. This platform is home to over 16000 movies, shows and documentaries. You can watch anything you like here, whether action, romance or anything else; WatchFree has everything.

You can find new and old movies whenever you want on WatchFree. This platform is easy to use and provides a user-friendly interface similar to 123Movies. You do not have to sign in, so your identity is not leaked.


However, searching can be time-consuming as you must go through themes and countries to find your desired one.

4. Vumoo

One issue with free streaming websites is that they have tons of ads, which is their primary revenue source. However, that will not be an issue with Vumoo as this platform has no annoying pop-ups, and you can watch your favourite show peacefully.

Vumoo has an exceptional user interface; you would not interpret it as a free website at first glance. Vumoo is entirely free, and you can watch it for as long as you want with no charges at any point in time. 


5. Lookmovie

LookMovie is a free alternative to 123Movies. You can also replace your TV channels with LookMovie, as this platform offers movies, series, and TV shows that you wait to watch every night.

You can watch all your favourite movies and TV shows on LookMovie while it is still new and do not have to wait for them to be uploaded on paid platforms months later.


However, we suggest you use a VPN in case it is blocked in your country.

6. OnlineHDMovies

Next up, we have OnlineHDMovies. This platform, as the name suggests, provides high-quality content. You can watch all your binge-worthy movies and TV shows in one place with OnlineHDMovies.

It is not entirely legal, so we suggest you use a VPN. However, OnlineHDMovies claims that you will not get into any trouble as long as you do not do any illegal downloading from this site.


Also, OnlineHDMovies being safe to use depends on your local laws; if they are strict about pirated content, you better be careful.

7. TinklePad

TinklePad is a pretty underrated platform, but it is fantastic for those who do not want to spend money to watch the latest movies in theatres and also for those who long to watch old films but do not know where to find them; now you know, TinklePad.

This platform has a simple interface which is easy to navigate through the search bar offered by TinklePad. Here, you can also find movies and TV shows released just a week ago.


This platform provides a variety of genres to choose from, and you will never get bored at TinklePad.

8. NewMoviesOnline

NewMoviesOnline is a free 123Movies alternative that is easy to use and has all the content you want to watch. This platform has maintained a vast library of content that it renews frequently.

You can find the latest movies right on the homepage. If you want a specific film, type the name on the search bar or go through the themes and categories.


You can also download movies from this platform for free. We suggest you use a VPN while using NewMoviesOnline, as it might not be legal in many countries.

9. LosMovies

LosMovies is a holy grail if you like watching movies and shows in multiple languages but want to use something for free other than a paid service. LosMovies provides movies and shows in a variety of genres with content clarity.

This platform is suitable for all users as it has movies and shows in multiple languages with subtitles. Also, here, you will not have any storage issues as LosMovies does not store any content; instead, it offers the link to the movie or the show you want to watch from another source.


10. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a fantastic platform to watch all your favourite movies and shows in HD quality. This platform offers content for a small subscription price, but it is worth it.

You can access content in various genres and languages.If you do not speak the original language of the content, you can turn on the subtitles or change the audio altogether.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime includes original and source movies, series and documentaries in its monthly or yearly plan. Also, there are no screen restrictions. 

11. YesMovies

Many prefer watching movies at night, but the bright screens hurt our eyes. However, YesMovies can keep you entertained and your eyes stress-free.

Here, you can turn on the night mode and save your eyes from hurting while you want to enjoy. This platform has a user-friendly interface which shows all the top movies and shows right on the homepage.


You can search for your content choice through the search bar or the genre and country categories. 

12. MoviesJoy

MoviesJoy is a free online streaming website. You can opt for this 123Movies alternative to enjoy all your favourite movies and shows for free.

This platform is free to use and mainly contains pirated content. Therefore, if you live in a country with strict piracy restrictions, you might be unable to access it.


You can still enjoy the services offered by MoviesJoy through a proxy or a VPN. (we suggest you use a VPN to provide an additional layer of protection as a proxy cannot offer that.)

13. Soap2day

Soap2day is a popular online free streaming site and a tough competition to 123Movies. This platform offers all the latest and old classic movies and shows for free while maintaining high content clarity.

As it is a free website and it is hard to expect high security on such websites, we suggest you use a VPN on Soap2day. The best part is you do not have to log into Soap2day to access its content


You can turn on the VPN, search for Soap2day and start watching immediately.

14. 123Movies

You must be confused as to why we have listed 123Movies as an alternative to 123Movies. That is because even if you do not wish to use the original 123Movies, you can always opt for the mirrors.

Due to copyright issues, 123Movies could be blocked in your country. But that should not restrict you from gaining any entertainment. Therefore, use a VPN and access a mirror with the same content.


15. PopcornFlix 

You can watch everything you want at PopcornFlix. This platform offers new and old movies and shows. You can also look for new viral videos on this platform in excellent quality, even though it is free to use.

PopcornFlix might not offer the latest content as other platforms, but it boasts an impressive, stylish, responsive interface. This platform can be used on multiple devices, and the navigation offered here is relatively easy. 


16. PrimeWire

You can watch all the popular new and old movies and shows on PrimeWire for free. You may be worried about logging into a free site as it can be dangerous, but do not worry; PrimeWire does not ask you to log into it to access its content.

PrimeWire has a massive library of movies and shows in HD quality. This platform, though free, does not compromise on the quality of content. However, it could be hard to find the official PrimeWire website as there are plenty of mirrors on the internet.


Therefore, we suggest you use a VPN service so that even if you use a mirror website, your device is in no danger.

17. GoMovies

GoMovies is a free online streaming platform that has a variety of content. You can watch it for free anytime you want.

The quality is excellent, and the genre of content available is quite impressive. This platform used to offer content without registration earlier, but you might have to log in now.


However, we suggest you use GoMovies with a VPN service as it might not be safe to use as you cannot always see the difference between an original site and a mirror. 

18. Hulu

Hulu is a popular online streaming platform that is majorly owned by Disney. This platform offers content of various genres.

Whether you want to watch a rom-com, Anime, an action film or anything else, Hulu has it all. However, this platform is only partially free, and you might have to pay a small price for its services.

Hulu About

But do not worry; you will not regret it when you see the vast library of content offered by this platform. 

19. HackIMDB

HackIMDB has tried to maintain a premium looking user-interface. This platform has a simple interface that includes all the latest and popular shows and movies.

You can navigate to your choice of content via the search bar HackIMDB offers or look through the various categories. This platform is free and easy to use. However, the only problem you will face with HackIMDB is the annoying ads.


Therefore, it is recommended to use an efficient ad blocker. Also, there are several mirror websites of HackIMDB, so ensure to use a VPN.

20. Streamm4u

The next best 123Movies alternative is Streamm4u. This platform is one of the best free streaming platforms you will find when it comes to the collection of movies it offers.

You can find films in all categories, whether humour, romance, alien or anything else; you can always find it on Streamm4u. You no longer have to spend money on theatres; you only have to wait a week or so, and the latest movies will be on Streamm4u.


However, it might only suit some age groups as the website ads are often A-rated. Therefore, we suggest you use an ad blocker in case a minor might use the platform and also a VPN to keep your identity secure.

21. Movies4u

Find movies and shows from all around the world at Movies4u. This platform offers a wide variety of content, including films and shows which are Amazon Prime and Netflix originals in exceptional quality.

You can find all your favourite movies and series through the search bar or by scrolling through their interface. However, we suggest you use a VPN to access Movies4u since it could be unsafe to use due to copyright issues. 


Importance of Online Safety and Security When Using Streaming Websites?

Suppose you use paid movie sites like Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix. In that case, you do not have to stay alarmed as these platforms offer enough security and do not let any malware enter your device, as they have the budget to provide protection.

However, free websites do not and, therefore, might only sometimes have the resources to offer enough security to their users. They earn primarily from ads, and these ads could become a gateway for malware into your computer or mobile phone.

At times, when you log into a free website, your information could get leaked to a third party, putting your identity in danger. Therefore, it is essential to take security seriously while using a free streaming website online, such as a VPN or a proxy.

Criteria for Selecting Alternatives

While choosing an alternative to 123Movies, you must always keep a few things in mind, such as 

  • Ensure that the alternative provides the same or similar content as 123Movies. 
  • Security is essential; check whether the alternative website can provide optimum protection and, if not, what measures to be taken. 
  • See to it that the website you are looking into provides various content and how frequently it renews. 
  • Also, how long it takes for a movie or series to come on this alternative website must be considered. 

How to Use Alternative Streaming Websites?

Using an alternative website is the same as using the 123Movies website. However, we suggest you take a few steps towards the security of your device. Most websites listed above are free, so you cannot risk any data leak or other damage.

Therefore, you may use a proxy in case the website is blocked in your country or a VPN for better security of your device and data. If you need help narrowing down a few proxy or VPN providers, here are the best ones.



NordVPN provides a safe space to access anything you want on the internet, as this platform keeps your IP address hidden and your identity masked. Also, you can create a private network for your file sharing so that it does not corrupt and you and the receiver are safe.



As the name suggests, ExpressVPN offers the best online speed while ensuring you can access all the websites you want without revealing your IP address or location. You can use one plan from ExpressVPN for multiple devices, and all will be maintained safely on the internet.


SurfShark vpn

With servers in over a hundred countries, SurfShark will ensure that you can connect to the internet while travelling safely and quickly. This platform ensures you do not get trapped with pop-ups and offers an effective ad and pop-up blocker.

123movies Mirror Sites

We had earlier provided a mirror site alternative to 123Movies. A mirror site is a lot similar to the original site and often provides the same content. It is an excellent possibility that you stumble upon a mirror site, assume it is authentic, and trust it. But you may not.

A mirror site could offer you all you want, but it can also be unsafe. Therefore, ensure you use a VPN or proxy such as NordVPN, SurfShark or ExpressVPN while using a mirror site. Here are a few mirrors of 123Movies.


Additional Resources

If you do not wish to use any of the platforms mentioned above, you can opt for: 

  • BMovies 
  • Tubi TV
  • YoMovies 
  • FlixTor

FAQs – Sites Like 123Movies

Are these 123Movies alternative websites safe to use?

Most of the websites are safe to use. However, due to location restrictions, most free websites must be used with a VPN.

Do I need to create an account on these websites?

No, most websites listed above do not ask you to register; you can start watching immediately.

Are these alternatives available worldwide?

A paid website would be available worldwide. However, a free webpage offers pirated content and, therefore, is blocked by many countries. Although, you can still access them through a VPN.

How do I know if a website is safe from malware or viruses?

Your browsers primarily detect whether or not the website is safe to use and warn you. However, if that does not happen, you should be better safe than sorry and use a VPN.

What if a streaming website is blocked in my region?

Websites are often blocked in certain regions due to piracy regulations. However, you can access them through a proxy or a VPN.

Can I download content from these alternative websites?

Yes, many platforms listed above offer a download option on their content.

Does 123Movies still work?

The original website was shut down due to piracy regulations. However, a VPN can access the same content through a mirror website.

Why is 123Movies not working?

123Movies offers free, pirated content that does not adhere to copyright rules. Therefore, many countries with strict piracy regulations have blocked it.

Conclusion – Sites Like 123Movies

You can now enjoy all your favourite movies and shows for free on the 21 sites like 123Movies listed above. Most of these platforms are free, and the paid ones only charge a small fee.

You can find all your favourites on these listed 123Movies alternatives. Before using any of these best 123Movies alternatives, make sure you are using a proxy or VPN, have a stable internet connection and are ready to have the best binge-watch experience.


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