How Sitelock Protects your website from hackers ?


You don’t have to be Blogger or a Digital Marketer to know about Malware and Hackers.

Movies, TV Shows and News have done a great job in making us aware of these digital beings.

But to know about SiteLock you need to be a Blogger or a Digital Marketer. It not like this is a prerequisite but SiteLock is only useful for Bloggers and Digital Marketers.

Well, let’s keep that aside and focus on SiteLock and its benefits.

SiteLock: What is it?

SiteLock is a security tool. Well, to be precise it is a cloud-based security tool that scans your website thoroughly and improves it accordingly. It detects all the threats to your Web Space and avoids them.

Well, that was just a short introduction. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of SiteLock.


What Are The Benefits of SiteLock?

A lot of people may advise you against using SiteLock. But there is always someone, who speaks against a certain product. Well, why don’t you check out the benefits of SiteLock and decide for yourself? Check out the benefits down below.

Benefits of Sitelock

Great Compatibility:

Let’s begin with compatibility. There are lots of security tools that provided great security features and are quite easy to use also. But nearly all of these are just plugins, which you need to install separately.

But SiteLock is quite different in this matter. You don’t have to install any extra hardware or software. The moment SiteLock gets attached to a domain, its starts functioning immediately.

360 Degree Scanning:

Here, 360-degree scanning doesn’t signify the 360 App. 360 signifies the protection SiteLock provides. It will keep protecting your site around the clock until it gets removed.

Well, Malware attack the weakness of your site. And hackers are the ones who install the malware’s around the weakness of your website. SiteLock repairs and manages all the weaknesses of your website. So, if there are no weaknesses then where would the malware attack?

Authenticity Badge:

Not just Bloggers and Digital Marketers but also the users are quite aware of the devastation that malware can cause. So, all users search of proof of security. The Authenticity Badge is the best way to let the visitors know that your site is free of Malware.

Well, it is only achievable when your site is totally free of Malware. When your website passes the security check of SiteLock then this badge can be displayed.

Advanced Scanning:

This feature is as fancy as it sounds. But that doesn’t mean it’s just fancy but quite helpful actually. It may sound a bit farfetched but this tool can detect a malware instantly. It is able to track a malware before even Google can.

Sitelock Scanning

This tool can perform advanced level scanning on more than Six Million websites in a single day. Well, if that is possible then why not tracking malware before Google?

Well, these are some benefits of SiteLock. Besides these, there are some basic benefits of SiteLock. Well, all those will be accessible to you after you start using SiteLock.

Now comes the big question i.e. How does SiteLock Protects Websites from Malware and Hackers? Check the answer down below.

How Does SiteLock Provide Protection?

Well, protection policy is SiteLock is quite simple: Find, Fix & Prevent.

The Advanced scanning feature of SiteLock detects and tracks the malware. Then, the 360-degree scanning feature of SiteLock checks the website for any possible weak spots. And after that, it repairs that part accordingly.

Well, the working procedure is quite simple and after everything is up to the mark. The authenticity badge becomes available.

From what I have seen till now this is pretty useful. Don’t listen to what others have to say. In fact, don’t listen to me either. Do your own research and decide accordingly. Use this for a month and if it’s not worthwhile then stop using it.

Hope this has been helpful to you. Do leave a comment below for further queries.

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