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Rajesh Chauhan
Web Hosting Expert

Site5 is one of the most popular web hosts that have special plans just for the users and the WordPress users.

On December 30, 2020

Site5 Review 2021: Better performance cPanel Hosting

Site5 Review Hosting: Site5 Hosting is Specially Planned for WordPress Beginners.

It has a wide variety of range provide, VPS Shared, and reseller hosting at a reasonable price.

Site5 Hosting Company is one of the leading web hosting service providers.

Since 1999, the company is giving the massive space and a great platform to many of the Website Owner's.

The company also ensures that all the plans provided with almost similar features like unlimited and Free Website migration.

The Site5 Review Hosting Company also has lots of features in every hosting plans that suit best for hosting professional websites.

While with many goods in this web hosting service, the pricing of every plan is relatively cheaper and affordable.

With 99.9% Uptime Guarantees, the company makes sure that the clients will get high-performance technology for their website.

Site5 Review | Features and Pricing

Site5 Hosting Company comes with the yielding and varieties of Hosting Plans at a very rate, the Site5 Company brings you many surprises too.

Site5 Review 2020

Amazingly, you will get huge space and Bandwidth which is essential for any website to run as Site5 gives unlimited in every plan. Check out more in details below-


Price- This is the first web hosting plan of Site5 which you can purchase at just $8.34/month

These are the following features-

  • Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
  • Also free Website migration to Site5
  • Under this plan, you will get only one website
  • 45 Days of Money Back Guaranteed


Price- This is the second Web Hosting plan and also one of the most proffered plans of Site5 which you can purchase in just $16.74/month.

HostPro has the following features Site5 Review

  • Unlimited in Disk Space, Bandwidth & also Website
  • You can Freely migrate your website to Site5 from other web hosting service
  • 45 Days of Money Back Guaranteed


Price- This is the third and also one of the finest plans of Site5 that are available at just $13.14/month.

HostPro Turbo has the following features

  1. Of course unlimited Disk Space, Bandwidth and excellent Website
  2. Free Migration of website to Site5 hosting service
  3. 45 Days of Money Back Guaranteed

Site5 Important Features

While purchasing any of the plans, you must go through all the details so that you can choose the best plan for yourself and your website.

All the plans have almost similar features in all the hosting services. And therefore,

here below are also some of the criticism of the Web Hosting services that will discuss in detail.

1-Click Installation👩🏻‍🏭 

For any of the website owners, they always seek for easy installation without any problems.

So, the company have the one clicked installation for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Linux and 250+ Scripts.


Another important thing which comes immediately after installation is site-Admin, it is you to have power control all the process in the web hosting service your purchase.

Money-Back Guarantee 💰

The company does not leave a negative point for the customers even for the case of Money backing; when the customers are willing to cancel the plan.

But only those will be accepted for the cancellation during the 45 days of duration from the date of purchase. And your full money will be refunded which is 100% the amount you paid.


It is all about unlimited after you buy any of this plan, you will get unlimited on Bandwidth, Unlimited Disk Space and also in some plans Unlimited website.

Backups ♻️

This is normally not enough available in most of the web hosting company, but the Site5 have proper backups for you which are free.

Site5 Hosting services ⚙️

There are varieties of Hosting service that are- Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting & Reseller Hosting.

So, if you are going to purchase higher plans rather than Web Hosting, you still got the choice to make.

Site5 Uptime and Downtime‍✈️

The company is very generous in the quality of the service and guaranteed to 99.9% uptime and zero downtime; giving the client their best high-performance website.

Pros and Cons of Site5?

So, is hosting from Site5 any good?

Site5 won’t spread this level deprived of being highly efficient in what they do.

This, in no way, means that there are no areas for additional development. The sure pros and cons of Site5 are detailed below:


  • A team of 60 people from different parts of the world works loyally to deliver the customers with the provision they require for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • The least number of clienteles are allotted per server for faster speed.
  • No chance of receiving cheated as they have no hidden fees.
  • 45-day money-back assurance.
  • All hosting books are assumed by Google AdWords credits.
  • Free site relocation is obtainable if you wish to bring your site from other suppliers to Site5.
  • Domain name free for the paramount 12 months. Only smears to new domains, not transfers.

A Couple of Cons

  • Though they promise to deliver quick support, sometimes they are powerless to meet their own deadlines.
  • The limitless service is not really unlimited as overburdening the server may result in added billing
  • As far as Site5 is worried, it can be said that the company truly delivers good hosting results for a cheap price. There may be some healthier companies but they taking a bit of a hefty price for the facility they deliver.

Site5 Review | Black Friday Offer 2021

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Though Site5 would be an abundant hosting provider for people observing to start a blog, and learner webmasters, as well as small start-ups and growth teams,

It might not fit the bill if you’re a larger administration looking for exact feature circles.

Site5 marketplaces its hosting bundles on agility, ease of use, and excellence of support,

and it has obviously thought about what web creators and freelance designers want from hosting. Receiving your data ended from your old host must be humble thanks to the plenty of free relocations,

and consecutively a multi-site VPS is complete far easier with the comprised organization service.

Possible drawbacks include a lack of dedicated server packages and the fact that server sites outside the US aren’t always obtainable.

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