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How To Setup A Sitemap For Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is important for every traffic focused website. Although social media and social bookmarking websites can bring good amount of traffic to your website but in these cases you will have to spend a lot of money. For a newbie who does not have deep pocket, Search Engines are the only way to go.

However, to drive search traffic, you need to rank high. And for that your website needs to be properly optimized. The very first step in this direction will be creation of a sitemap.

Well, sitemaps are of two types, i.e. HTML based and XML based. The former ones are used for visitors while the latter is for search bots (we will be focusing on this).

XML Sitemap Creation

When it comes to XML sitemaps, there are two options to choose from i.e. offline sitemap generator and online sitemap generator. There is also an option of creating the sitemap by coding but that would require a lot of time and effort.

The generator you choose should be capable of not only creating a sitemap but also of updating it. A very powerful tool is the one developed by Yoast (available for WordPress and Drupal platforms).

After Creating A Sitemap

Once the sitemap of your website is created, now is the time to submit it to various search engines. In case of Google, you can sign up for Search Console and submit the sitemap from provided panel. Bing also allows the webmasters to submit XML sitemaps.

A Few Things To Take Care Of

  • Always keep your sitemap updated
  • Do not include those pages in your sitemap which you do not want search engines to index
  • Check your sitemap for broken links
  • Submit multiple sitemaps to search engines with each containing not more than 40 links.

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