ServersFree Web Hosting Review

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ServersFree really offers a nice and attractive hosting package. The features make one feel that he has signed up for a premium hosting service. It can be a great destination for you if you are looking for a decent free web hosting provider. But you might be wondering if it is worth selecting or not. So let’s jump to the features section.

  • Disk space and Monthly bandwidth limit

In the last review we came to know about 5GBFree hosting’s big heart but when you will hear what this host has to offer, you will totally forget 5GBFree. ServersFree offers 10 GB of disk space which is insanely enough to host any kind of website (not a file hosting one). And on the bandwidth side also you get 100 GB of monthly bandwidth usage,which you might not cross in two months also.

If you want to know how bandwidth limit can affect your website you can jump to the review of 5GBFree’s hosting service.

  • Domains

You get option to host unlimited addon domains on a single account. This is really interesting as you have a lot of disk space, hosting multiple website will not create any problem.

On the other hand, you also get an option to create 5 subdomains and park 5 additional domains as per your needs.

  • Scripts, CMS and Databases

Databases have become very important in creating websites these days, without databases you cannot install any CMS on your website. But you don’t have to worry as ServersFree enables users to create upto 5 databases on a single account. If you have 5 websites hosted on a single account you can easily create one database for each of your website and install the CMS you want on it.

Installing CMS is also an easy task with the control panel that ServersFree provides to manage websites. It is just a matter of few clicks to install the CMS of your choice.

Moreover, if you don’t want to use any script or CMS, then also you can create a simple website based on HTML with the website builder in the control panel.

  • No Ads

You might be wondering that if this host is giving so many great services for free then it should be displaying ads on customers’ websites. But believe me it is not, the hosting service is absolutely free.

  • Customer Service

Customer service plays an important role in web hosting services. Without a good support from your host you might get stuck on a problem for many days. And you may also lose your website visitors.

According to my background research, ServersFree is not doing well on this side. I have read many customers responses and most of them pointed out that ServerFree’s executives reply very lately to customer issues. So you better be prepared of these things before creating a website on this server.

The Gist

The features that ServersFree provides are really of a premium quality and there can be no better place to find this level of quality service. But the lack of a responsive and responsible customer service is of a major concern.

ServersFree Web Hosting Review
  • Features
  • Support
  • Performence
  • Easy to Use
  • Price


ServersFree offers free servers with most advance features like 1000Gb bandwidth, 10Gb of disk space, no ads, PHP5, MySQL, cPanel with no cost at all! No credit cards, no contract and no hidden fees required, all server services are absolutely free and almost unlimited for usual webmaster. Users may create websites in few click with easy website builder and beautiful website design templates.

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2 thoughts on “ServersFree Web Hosting Review”


  2. Hello guys,

    Thank you for the huge array of options you offer that are not available anywhere else for free.

    I mostly use my account/s for development and testing purposes, looking into, eventually, upgrade to paid hosting or even a VPS or private server/s.

    The reason I´m writing is to report that I have been trying, via ftp, to upload a 40mb site for more than 6 hours to no avail. I don´t know if it´s an ftp server issue. Obviously, at this point, I cannot say anything about the web server itself.
    As of now, I regret to have to go somewhere else because your services advertise things that seem not to really be there.
    Nevertheless I appreciate the opportunity given to me and wish you luck.

    Best regards, Vincent

    • I do understand your concern but if you are uploading using FileZilla then it will uploaded successfully however we do not support huge file upload using FileManager including Net2FTP for the some security reason, please do understand that we have to limit this features otherwise there are giant numbers of abusers can shutdown our service for no reason. 🙂 If you have any other query please open support ticket one of our agent will get back to you within 24 working hours .


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