Resetting WordPress Admin Password

WordPress is a powerful tool but it has some drawbacks. To access it, one has to use username and password. Many times, administrators forget these details as they are also human. In such scenario, one can be locked out of his or her own website.

Well, not really!

To be correct, there are two options before an administrator if he loses password of his WordPress site. Either he can use the lost password method to recover the password, which is built-in into WordPress, or he can reset it by accessing the database.

Below is a detailed guide on how to use both the methods.

WordPress’ Built-In Lost Password Option

The guys who develop WordPress are smart and they have made a provision to allow people to reset the lost password of their account. Here are the steps you need to follow in case of a password loss:

  1. Open the login page of your WordPress Admin Panel. Which is usually or if not accessible you may try by calling login file with
  2. Click on “Lost your password?Lost Pass Step 1
  3. In the next screen, type your email and click on Get New Password button.Lost Pass Step 2
  4. Now open your inbox (of the same email account) and check for a new email from your website. It will contain a password reset URL. Just click on it.
  5. In the new tab that opens, you can type in a new password. Click on Reset Password button.Lost Pass Step 3

Congrats! Now you can login with the new password you have just typed in.

Resetting Password By Accessing Database

The other way an admin can retrieve his or her password is by accessing the database.

  1. Login to the cPanel of your website.
  2. Under Databases section, click on phpMyAdmin.Database Step 1
  3. Expand your WordPress database from the left side and click on wp_users table.Database Step 2
  4. Now in the main window, you will be presented with a list of all the users in your website. Click on the Edit option against the row with your desired username.Database Step 3
  5. In the new page that opens up find user_pass field and replace its value with a new strong password. In the Function column of same row, select MD5. Now click on Go button.Database Step 4

Your password will be changed now.

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  1. yes ! it really helpful so as to resetting word-press admin password. i have been looking for that desired info form the past days but doesn’t able to find. Thanks to you who helps me by writing this great article.

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