Repair or Optimize MySQL Database Tables

If you are facing issues with your MySQL database on your website then its might be issue with your database, I have seen many users and bloggers don’t really care about their database because they think that database works automatically and making changes will corrupt the whole website. Some where you are right because if you are doing anything wrong with your database then it may empty all your data however if you are not taking care of your MySQL database manually then its also not a good thing for your website or blog.


Hundreds of my facebook friends saying their database size is more than 1GB and they afraid to move any content on third party hosting provider and current web hosting charging a handsome amount for hosting such a huge size of database.

In reality these websites not using more than 200mb sql space extra 800+mb is cache or errors logs of your blog. To fix these kind of bugs you need to optimize your MySQL database’s tables at least once in a month.

Access Your Database table: Login to your control panel dashboard and here you wil get lots of mysql options to manage your account, you need to select the databse which you want to optimize and click to PhpmyAdmin , after few seconds you will see a window with your tables.

Optimize database

Select the tables which you want to repair or optimize but always keep in mind to do not select empty or drop option from drop down action bar because it may delete all your posts and data of your website. When you select the tables which you want to repair then go to “With Selected” menu and choose your action Repair/Optimize

databse repair

Now all you have to do is click on Go button to execute your action within few seconds depending on size of your database. These pictures are taken from GoogieHost’s premium account for free users it may little bit different however procedure are same.

These optimization will improve your website’s loading speed, delete cache, delete unused data, and much more.

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  1. how to connect to database what is the user name and hostname and other things to connect to data base i need help i am unable to connect to database i have try so many times

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