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Redirect tracker

Check any short or affiliate URL (,, etc.) to see where it goes.(Check link without http or https)

What is the ‘Redirect Tracker’ Tool?

The Redirect Tool will help you see where a particular URL will finally take you. You simply have to paste the URL in the space above see how it gets redirected to the final destination. The response codes will also help you make sure that your site is using SEO-friendly 301 redirects.

What are SEO-friendly Redirects?

By using 301 redirects, you tell search engine crawlers the new address of the website where you have moved your content. The 301 Moved Permanently response code tells the crawlers to update their listings in order to match the new address.

What are Canonical URLs?

A canonical URL is the URL of the page that Google assumes to be the most representative from a set of duplicate pages on your site. It is important to have all variations of a site's URL point to the same address. Google might mistakenly see two URLs displaying the same page as duplicate content and penalize you for it.