Why my order is not yet activated

Suresh Kumar asked 4 months ago

Even after 24 hours of opening account, wtill, it is seen that the activation is pending.  I have already activated in my mail by clicking the link in it.

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Rajesh Chauhan Staff answered 4 months ago

Please note that all Free Web Hosting orders have to pass our manual verification process to avoid spam and server abuse for your security and sometimes it takes time to get your account activated within committed TAT but be assured our team try to get your Free hosting account ready soon as possible.

Anuj Sharma Staff replied 3 days ago

We have already activated your order.

Cláudia Rafa replied 5 days ago

I did the free registration to create a Web Site. happens so far this Ofline.
You said that I would be Online between 4-24 hours to check and activate my order! already passed on
and there is still Ofline. I await a response from 17-02-2018! thank you!

Rajesh Chauhan Staff replied 2 months ago

Because we don’t accept domains like .tc, .cf, .ga etc due to high numbers of abuse reports for the same, you may use our free sub-domain name or register your own domain name.

Sarat Dhmajhi replied 3 months ago

My hosting plan is not active…

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