Timeout Error Installing Drupal 8

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ligafinc asked 4 years ago

hi. I\'m trying to install drupal 8.2.7 and 8.4 on my site ligafincaraiz.com, but I always got a timeout error, even if I reset the database and start trying to install any of the versions. Could you help me please?

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Rajesh Chauhan Staff answered 4 years ago

We have noticed that Drupal having some issues with Softaculous these days and we already escalated this issue to their support team to fix this issue. However, there is option called Installatron which allows you to install any CMS using your cPanel login details.

Anuj Sharma replied 4 years ago

We already working on this issue. we will be fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Pleas i have similar error on wordpress im install easy. not is posible create database in my cpanel. help me please?