How to map my godaddy domain on free hosting

Neeraj joon asked 10 months ago

I have a website here at googiehost. I want to change it,s free googieHost domain with my domain. I tried that forwarding thing from GoDaddy but when I browse my site it,s still showing the same “” in the search bar.  I want it as ” example .com please help me.

4 Answers
kshitij answered 10 months ago

Add name server to goDaddy and alias to googiehost

Mohammad Ahmadian answered 10 months ago

I had bought an .ir domain from somewhere else. I want to change my free of my free hosting to my new domain. Please help me step by step. I can’t understand the answer above. Thanks

Aman Singh answered 10 months ago

Please Read this article for How to map my GoDaddy domain on free hosting.  

Waqas answered 10 months ago

what is nameserver for googie free hosting please help required

Aman SinghStaffreplied 10 months ago

Our name servers for free web hosting accounts are – –

Please note that DNS propagation mate take upto 48hours after you change your name servers for your domain name, we recommend you to wait for at least 24 hours in order to get your domain name live on our server with proper DNS propagation.

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