How to add second domain in Free Hosting

FAQ about Free cPanel Web HostingCategory: DomainsHow to add second domain in Free Hosting
sandra davis asked 4 years ago

I want to add a second domain to this account but do not see an add domain button in cpanel

1 Answers
Aman Singh Staff answered 4 years ago

Unfortunately, we allow only one domain in our free hosting account servers as per our terms and conditions.

Anuj Sharma replied 4 years ago

It is not possible for your free hosting you need to terminate your account and request a new account for any change.

Bala Krishnamoorthy replied 4 years ago

Hello ,
I am in a situation that needs a change of domain name in my freehosting account. I have sent an email to the support , I am asking here about a way to do it by myself from my dashboard/login.