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jeane asked 4 years ago

hi guys could you please change my nameservers to yours for domain.

2 Answers
Aman Singh Staff answered 4 years ago


Our name servers for free web hosting accounts are – –
Please note that DNS propagation mate take upto 48hours after you change your name servers for your domain name, we recommend you to wait for at least 24 hours in order to get your domain name live on our server with proper DNS propagation.

tyler answered 4 years ago

i used these name servers and it looked like it kinda worked on my end a little bit, i could see my store and search for the domain, but at my admin shopify i couldn't preview my store with the little eye view something kept coming up on the page when i clicked the view store saying your account has been created, but store just never pulls up this was the only problem i had when i was using the free1.googiehost servers. so i spoke with a shopify guru they told me one of the servers was having issues so she told me to switch it to, once i did i waited a day and i couldn't view my store at all anywhere or even find the domain anywhere, the page says that they cant locate the ip address, but everything looks good in the DNS the cname and the A records are good i pointed it to shopify with the ip address but still not pulling up the store or the domain. the last thing i did was disconnect the cname and A records from the admin shopify and reconnect it to see if it just needed to reset since i changed the name servers but i cant find my domain anywhere. i have been trying to fix this now for 5 days and getting nowhere. my servers are still set at, should i change it to can you tell me what the problem is and why its not working?