Why Free Web Hosting Account Suspended?

Mazen Elzanaty asked 4 weeks ago

Why was i suspended my resources has never been close to the limit.

Anuj Sharma Staff replied 3 weeks ago

We already working on this issue. we will be fixing this issue as soon as possible.

Arindam Ray Chowdhury replied 4 weeks ago

when I trying to access http://bengal2day.com/wp-login.php it is showing “404!
We couldn’t find that page.” Please help me out from the case as mentioned here.

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1 Answers
Aman Singh Staff answered 4 weeks ago

We never suspend any free hosting account without any solid reason, if your resources limit reached, we advised you that reduce your file manager space, uninstall all unwanted plugin, avoid free or cracked themes, use Cloudflare for the better server response.

Anuj Sharma Staff replied 4 weeks ago

If you purchased that particular theme from official website or developer you can ask genuine file. Try not to install any third party theme or plugin.

Rahul replied 4 weeks ago

how to know that theme cracked or real plz tell me too

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