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Lyra Wolves asked 4 years ago

I placed an order for Free Web Hosting on 23/11/2017 for the domain .
(order #4396849897)
On 27/11/2017 I attempted to email and have not received a response.
Further, due to the prior two statements, along with not being able to reattempt registration for free web hosting (as my first attempt, though marked “cancelled” is still being counted as if the registration had succeeded), I used the “support” tab to ask for my account to be removed.
As of 1/12/2017 I have not heard back on any of these attempts at contact.
Please advise next steps.

1 Answers
Aman Singh Staff answered 4 years ago

I am sorry see that your account was not approved for some reasons but we are activating this for, however, we will always recommend you to check these factors to avoid suspension of your account
1. You have complete and genuine profile details
2. You are not using free domains like .tk, .ga, .gq, etc
3. You provided all the details at the time of registration
4. Your domain name not using PayPal, Account, Limited, Bank, Facebook, Porn, Sex, Root, Confirmation, Update, Information. etc
5. We don't allow any test or spam account.
6. Fulfil you Hosting description with correct purpose.

If you have any other issue please contact at support[@]