Jorge Sandi asked 3 months ago

I create an account today, and the service is Cancelled. I did not have time to try the service because it went from pending to canceled for no reason.I am a student and I needed a hosting to test my university projects.Order Number: 8418235810

Anuj Sharma Staff replied 2 weeks ago

We Have Successfully activated your order.

Sudip Banerjee replied 2 weeks ago

Hi my service is canceled without any reason, can you please help me out.

Anuj Sharma Staff replied 3 weeks ago

We are really sorry for the inconvenience, our team also working on that issue. they will be fixed it as soon as possible

Wilson replied 4 weeks ago

I had the same thing -> went from pending to cancelled without any reason or even a notification email in regards to the matter…

Rajesh Chauhan Staff replied 2 months ago

We don’t suspend your account without any solid reason you may send us email at support[at] to know the exact reason for your cancellation

Alex replied 2 months ago

Hi, same thing happened to me. My free host got canceled because of no reason!!!

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fabian answered 3 months ago

cree una cuenta hace más de tres semanas y de momento no he recibido la entrada a Cpanel quiero probar todas las funciones que brindan como servicio gratuito, hosting gratuito  y permanece en venta del carrito y esta cancelado por parte de ustedes (entiendo que no me aceptaron el hosting gratuito que ustedes ofrecen), agregue el usuario a mi lista de contactos y no sirvio de nada, por favor permítanme usar el servicio que ustedes ofrecen, conmigo habrán otras personas más para ser usuarios premium, pero si no probamos, pues como serlo !!!
quien da respuesta?

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