Perfect Guide To Create And Restore Backups With cPanel

Backups are very important. If you do not have a routine to create backups then you must make one. In case of server fault or some other issue, you may need to use backups.

GoogieHost provided cPanel allows you to easily create and restore backups. This guide will help you through this process.

Creating Full Backup Of Website

A full backup of your website will not only include the stored files but also MySQL databases, mail forwarders, mail filters and other common settings. To create a full back with cPanel follow these steps:

  1. Login to the cPanel of your website
  2. Under Files section, click on Backup WizardGo To The Backup Wizard
  3. Next click on Backup buttonBackup Menu
  4. From the new page that opens up click on Full Backup buttonSelect Full Backup Option
  5. Next select a destination for saving backup file, fill in notification email and click on Generate Backup buttonGenerate Backup

Now you can move on to whatever you were earlier doing. When the backup process is finished, you will receive a message on the email you filled in the step 4. The backup file will be saved to the destination you selected. You can download that file either by going to the File Manager or to the Backup section again.

Restoring A Backup

Backup restoration can be either done on the same server on a different server. The only requirement is you follow the following steps perfectly.

  1. Login to the cPanel of your website
  2. Under the File section click on Backup WizardGo To The Backup Wizard
  3. On the next page click on Restore buttonRestore Menu
  4. Now select what you want to RestoreChoose What To Restore
  5. Next select the Backup file and click on UploadSelect The Upload File


Always download the Backup file to your local computer for safety.

Do not share your backup file to any other person, if the local computer is a shared one then keep the backup file on Cloud.

That was all for this tutorial.

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