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How to create PayPal custom link to receive payments ?

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We all prefer easy payment gateways to receive funds from our clients and family without any special knowledge, gateways like Instamozo and PayuMoney made it more simple with custom url feature for their merchants. That means you don’t need any website or you don’t have to send email invoice to accept funds via these gateways.

PayPal also decided to add this feature and make it more simple as they are one of the largest international payment gateway in over 200 countries.

I think we all are familiar with custom url feature as we all have Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus url isn’t ? Well custom url is a link which allows you to access your profile directly according to your need for ex: you can access GoogieHost’s facebook page with this link where GoogiHost is a custom keyword provided by us added in facebook domain.

PayPal added this with more advance tool now you can accept any amount with just a link, without creating any invoice in your paypal account at all even you don’t required to send email request.

Suppose if you want to make payment to GoogieHost then you can use our link in which YouStable us our username and 500 is the amount.

How to create PayPal custom url ?

PayPal has added this option under new domain which can be connected with existing account under, to get your custom link and start accepting payments with that link follow these simple steps…

STEP 1: Visit from your desktop, I was facing some issues on my Oppo mobile device.

STEP 2: Click on “GETTING STARTED” button on homepage

STEP 3: Now you will be asked for your custom keyword refer this image

STEP 4: Login to your existing PayPal account and merge it

STEP 5: Now wait for 5 minutes and then after your url is ready to use.

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