WP Engine: Local Tools & Features Now Free Of Cost

WP Engine, the world’s most popular and trusted WordPress technology company, has announced that from today onwards, it will give all Local tools and features free of cost. Especially to those who are involved in WordPress development, including those previously exclusive to Local Pro. 

Almost 300,000 users relied upon local pro WordPress developer tools and solutions. And are enjoying its comfortable development environment. 

Now it’s your chance to test your sites and speed up your development workflow. 

“We acknowledge Local Pro features and the way it benefits a wider WordPress developer community, and we want to deliver the full value of Local to more developers than ever. By offering local features for free we want to empower those web developers who are low on their budget by giving them the freedom to create their sites on WordPress.”

Undoubtedly, Local is the fastest, easiest way to build and develop WordPress websites on a computer. Even without access to the internet, with just a few clicks Local can install WordPress and create a site. Whether it’s for an expert developer or someone looking to learn local WordPress advancement, Local is the best tool recommended by developers worldwide.

Legit Benefits and Features

Local gives developers a sandbox to test and grow new sites quicker. It also lets developers concentrate on what’s necessary and launching WordPress sites—rather than wasting all their time debugging local surroundings.

One of the most obvious advantages of the Local users’ site is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which makes it possible to publish sites with just a few clicks, easily pull down live sites for offline edits, and sync various developer engines for an overall transparent workflow. While Local Pro provided passage to a more comprehensive set of persuasive pre-launch tools, all of those characteristics are now ready for free in Local, including:

  • Live Links – Send a near-real-time preview link of sites to clients without deploying to staging or production
  • MagicSync – Push website updates live with additional file-specific control that includes recommendations for modernized, added, and removed files
  • Link Checker – Scan and find problem links on a website to avoid issues later
  • Instant Reload – Save time by working with the site code and browser side-by-side to maintain flow-state and streamline previewing CSS changes
  • Cloud Backups – Syncronice Local accounts to Google Drive or Dropbox to save ongoing work and add a site backup to Local whenever needed

For further data about Local, go to https://localwp.com/pro-for-everyone/. Subsisting users can download Local for free here, and new users can download it here.


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