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World Is Facing HDD Shortage? HDD Price Hiked?

Basically, we all know that prices of HDD are rising rapidly for highly based models in the US and chia cryptocurrency is growing. Although Chia promises to be more environment-friendly with this steep rise in demand, they will create a serious component shortage of hard drives, just like Bitcoin has done for graphic cards. The kings of cryptocurrencies Bitcoin is not that eco-friendly as their mining leaves a lot of carbon footprints, creating a negative effect on the environment and consuming a high range of electricity. 

The number of hard drives that HDD used to sell out every year has seen a large fall in recent times as pcs users are moving from HDDs to SDDs, causing a huge impact on chia. So Hdd producers are not making as many HDD drives as they used to make six or seven years ago. The wholesale markets are not carrying huge amounts of HDDs with them as they lose their impact in the market. Chia is promising to be cheaper than other cryptocurrencies in the market. It will be worthy of watching how Chia will climb the leaderboard and compete with other big names in the Cryptocurrency market with its effect on the otherwise slowing down HDDs markets. 

Desktop Drives

Those who want to buy an internal hard drive for a computer have desktop computers for various needs. Some just want to keep their photos and videos, so they don’t care about performance and buy insufficient energy HDDs with a 5400 RPM spindle speed. Some don’t want to have an additional capacity. They also want to have higher performance for the drive to access their data fastly and without any troubles. We will be comparing two categories of desktop HDDs.

6TB & 8TB,5400 RPM, SMR: Desktop Drives

It’s challenging to find an inexpensive 5400 RPM harddrive with predictable performance these days. Most cheap HDDs use Shingled magnetic recording technology, meaning they aren’t particularly friendly to some users.

We decided to compare cheap 6TB and 8TB models from segregate and western digital. Toshiba is not offering cheap DT02-series 5400 RPM/SMR HDDs in the USA at present.

World Is Facing HDD Shortage? HDD Price Hiked?
World Is Facing HDD Shortage? HDD Price Hiked?

Desktop HDDs: 10TB,12TB & 14TB, 7200 RPM,CMR

This drives high performance and more good experience than the cheap ones. Here both Toshiba and Seagate give you a wide range of 7200 RPM HDDs that use CMR  and gives you a capacity of 14TB. Tops at 10TB so you can use WB gold for more comfortable use.


This drive is designed for multiple drive environments because they handle vibrations much more comfortably than other NAS drives, which give different experiences which CMR or SMR powers. Its cheapest drive uses SMR, so we suggest you use drives that use CMR technology and various mid-range and higher-end models.


In recent times all disk drives got more expensive during the last few weeks because of the CHIA cryptocurrency hype. Models using 5400 RPM and SMR technology because of the bad performance and they are not giving profits.

So HDDs with 8TB have not gotten expensive, so those who want to buy a new desktop can buy without burying their bank money.

Western Design stands out from others because it provides an online store that has gained the attraction of dozens of HDDs users, providing at a budget-friendly price.

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