Big Leagues Integrated With CloudFlare Including Microsoft

Cloudflare which is an Global CDN (content delivery network) provider has now announced new integrations with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, Splunk, Datadog, and Sumo Logic.

This will make it less complicated for groups to connect and analyze vital records across their infrastructure. Without the cost or complexity of creating bespoke interfaces, agencies can now feed security records from Cloudflare right into their choice analytics platform for “smooth” evaluation in the context of their complete technological stack.

Big Leagues Integrated With CloudFlare Including Microsoft

CISOs depend on data insights to make essential choices about how to help avoid, identify, and mitigate risks in these days’s protection surroundings. Many corporations need to view their safety information inside the context of insights they’re getting from other apps in their complete technology stack to get the most out of it, according to Cloudflare.

Historically, security teams had to create and manage high priced, time-eating, and risky connections with their analytics gear to try this, says Cloudflare. With those integrations, safety groups can now enlarge Cloudflare Logs’ insights for the duration of their complete stack.

John Coyle, Vice President of Business Development for Sumo Logic said “As a long time Cloudflare partner we’ve worked together to help joint customers analyze events and trends from their websites and applications to provide end-to-end visibility to improve digital experiences,”.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership as part of the Cloudflare Analytics Ecosystem to provide comprehensive real-time insights for both observability and the security of mission-critical applications and services with our Cloud SIEM solution.”
Matthew Prince, co-founder and CEO of Cloudflare Said that  “We saw an opportunity to make that process faster, easier, and cheaper, working with other top analytics platforms to bring added value to our customers. Now, we can give security teams the tools they need to have visibility and added security across the entire stack, even the parts beyond Cloudflare.”

Big Leagues Integrated With CloudFlare Including Microsoft

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