Methodologies To Train The Modern Learner

Learning has evolved with time and the pace accelerated in the recent past, not just because of the pandemic scenario but due to technological advancements and the approach of training.

Unlike traditional training that used to happen once in a while, modern learners take up learning regularly at their own pace, at the time convenient to them, and on the device of their choice.

Thanks to eLearning platforms that have enabled to cope up with fast-paced modern learner at an affordable price.

Check out Absorb LMS pricing for all your eLearning requirements that will be pocket-friendly. Let us delve into the methods that we can utilize through the eLearning platform to train our modern learners.

The shift from macro learning to microlearning

Elaborate long-form courses in the brick and mortar setups are outdated. The regular need for skill updation and continuous learning, which is the need of the hour, is not possible with macro learning.

The modern learner is accustomed to readily available information anytime anywhere on their handsets. Also, dedicating time often for taking up new courses becomes a challenge considering that the day-to-day work cannot be compromised.

Releasing the courses in a microlearning format works the best for today’s learners. The small bite-sized modules, which are 5 to 7 min modules, provides leverage to the learner to access the course on the go.

Additionally, these courses can be curated based on the niche skill requirement and be more personalized rather than general training.

The library of these micro-courses can be mixed and matched to curate more specific pieces of training. The point to remember while creating these microlearning courses is that they should be short, simple, crisp, and focused on the specific outcome.

Empower the learner with relevant information

The objective of the courses is to make the learner’s job easier and better. While creating the course, your focus should primarily be on “need to know” content. Including “nice to know” content will only make the course lengthier and it might not develop interest for every learner. This, unfortunately, may increase the chances that the learner drops the course midway.

Methodologies To Train The Modern Learner

A good training expert would be able to filter out the crucial points that should be included in the course from the pool of information received from the subject matter expert. Dumping everything is not a good idea as the learner needs to absorb the information that can happen only if the most relevant information is provided in an incremental manner.

Just-in-time learning

Any learning makes sense only when used in the time of need. Instead of having a scheduled training on a specific topic might not come in handy to all the participants immediately.

They might forget the learnings by the time they actually need to implement it. Thus the online courses should be made available to the learners so that they can take up the course at the right time.

This will not only improve the course completion rate but will also justify the ROI. Such courses are easy to reference later as well completely justifying the term “just-in-time” learning.

Ensure that these courses are responsive and can be accessed from any device, especially handheld devices.

Use social media forums

Having the leverage to taking up the course at your own convenient time and pace does not rule out the need of connecting socially with like-minded people.

Social media forums help the learner to work in virtual teams and discussions on these forums help them get different perspectives. The discussion forums and closed groups even provide a sense of healthy competition that keeps the learners motivated and engaged.


This list of strategies mentioned above will surely help you engage modern learners. Though the list is not exhaustive, however, the use of the right authoring tools and a robust LMS will lead to the development of an effective and engaging eLearning course to train your modern learner.

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