Managing WordPress User Roles

WordPress is a powerful blogging tool and offers a very secure platform to webmasters. One can only access the admin panel if he or she is registered as a user in WordPress installation‘s database file. However, nothing in WordPress is absolute, user roles can be easily changed and modified.

Before we move on how you can create new users and modify the existing ones, let us first discuss types of user that WordPress offers:

Subscribers: these users are only allowed to manage their own profile and comment on posts (only if allowed).

Contributors: as stated by the name itself, contributors can contribute to the website by creating new post and approving the submitted comments.

Authors: they have the ability to create and publish new posts, upload media and manage comments.

Editors: just like in a media agency, WordPress editors have the ability to manage posts of other users and have the power to upload/delete/modify media files.

Administrators: these users fall on the top most level of the hierarchy. Administrators have full control over the website. They can create new users, install new themes, change all website settings.

Creating A New WordPress User:

To create a new user, you first need an administrator account. The default administrator account is automatically created during WordPress installation process.

Follow the following steps to create a new user for your WordPress website:

  1. Login to the WordPress admin panel of your website using an administrator account
  2. From the left panel click on Users section, you will be taken to the default All Users page of your websiteClick On Users
  3. From the top click on Add New buttonClick on Add new button
  4. Fill in the new user details and select the account type (Subscriber/Contributor/Author/Editor/Administrator) an click on Add New User button at the bottom of the pageFill The Form And Submit

Changing Or Modifying Existing Users

WordPress allows administrators to change/modify and delete existing users. These are the steps you need to perform to apply these commands:

  1. Login to the WordPress admin panel
  2. Click on Users section from the left panelClick on Add new button
  3. Now you will be presented with a list of all available users on your website. You can modify or change role of an existing user either by clicking on the user name or by ticking on the checkboxes and applying bulk actions.Changing user roles

That’s all for this tutorial.

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