MadMimi vs GetResponse Review

Who offer best Email Marketing Services?

In the world of technology, almost every internet user is using emails on frequent basis. Email marketing is becoming another way to promote your business over internet. Marketing through email is also becoming more viable alternative for both small and large scale companies especially with the introduction of email marketing tools.

Innovation in the field of technology has enabled marketing campaigns to become lot easier with the new marketing tools. Among those successful marketing tools, MadMimi and GetResponse are capturing eyes of companies which are looking at much effective marketing methods. Both these tools are becoming first choice of customers searching for marketing tools. However the question remains in everyone’s mind is which tool is better in between MadMimi and GetResponse. Answer to this question will help choose better marketing tool.


About MadMimi


MadMimi has attracted customer attention in the marketing industry with many ways. The company focuses to update its interface and has also integrated new free add-ons as well to lure more customers. The services offered by the company are diverse and has helped customers to design more professional designs. Below are some of the features offered by MadMimi –

  • There are more than 100+ design templates available to create professional and fashionable emails newsletter. Even if you don’t have much experience in creating emails but with this tool one can create more formatter and customized designs using simplified editor.


  • One of the missing features in this tool is lack of testing which makes it difficult for the users to gauge campaign and subject line for intended audience.
  • Another cool feature of MadMimi is that it offers social media integration with 21 add on options. One can choose to include social media buttons like Facebook and Twitter or add other links with the email that may help redirect to the website.
  • MadMimi also allows the users to undo the deletion with the help of a clone tool that helps in saving the original document without losing previous work.
  • Detailed reporting is enabled by which one can extract detailed reports and statistics about email in the form of pie charts and bars.
  • MadMimi also allows you to navigate through the interface with simple design that helps mark the buttons. The reference guide is available by which one go through the quick reference about what changes can be done in designs and how email marketing tool works.
  • In case of any queries, 24×7 support is available on call which can be contacted regarding any questions. Live chat, on call support and email support is provided by MadMimi.


About GetResponse

GetResponse is another popular tool which is becoming leader in email marketing industry. The company has helped over a thousand businesses to grow and capture customer base. Many companies are looking at ways by which they can brand and promote their products. With the help of GetResponse, businesses can keep track of their customer base, product update and build more customers by using the power of email marketing. There are various features offered by GetResponse and some of the attractive features are described as below.

madmimi Theme

  • There are over 350+ templates and designs to choose in GetResponse tool which allows customers to create new newsletters and attract more people to product or business.
  • One can even perform customization with the help of editor, thus making it easy to perform changes in the default templates and select them according to the requirement.
  • If you are looking to promote your business on Facebook or any other social networking website then there is provision in the tool to provide social profile links in the email.
  • Auto-Responder allows the system to send emails or welcome messages to customer as soon as any one signs up or subscribes through your email links.
  • With the help of GetResponse, you also get a 1GB hosting space which is much larger compared to other marketing tools in the market.
  • One can even track overall performance of every email or newsletter with the help of GetResponse. Even there is provision to integrate Google Analytics in order to get more accurate results.
  • One of the amazing features of GetResponse is that it has a spam checking tool integrated which prevents the emails to be landing in the spam or junk. This way the email sent through GetResponse will be landing in the inbox of customer and this way one can popularize the product.

MadMimi vs GetResponse: In terms of Marketing Services Offered

Both MadMimi and GetResponse are popular email marketing tools which are available for the companies or businesses to grow in manifolds and capture market. However considering the quality of both the tools, sometimes it becomes quite difficult for the users to choose among them. Below is the comparison of tools in terms of marketing services offered by these two tools.

  • Platform Support- MadMimi offers support for Web based and iPhone based platforms. On the other hand, GetResponse offers both Web Based and Android Platform support.
  • Customers- Both MadMimi and GetResponse rely on customer base of freelancers, small business, mid-size business and enterprise businessmen.
  • Support- When it comes to customer care support, both email marketing tools have 24×7 tech support along with email support for customers. However, as per the recent reviews, GetResponse is rated higher compared to MadMimi in terms of phone, online, knowledge base and video tutorials for users.
  • Pricing- Both GetResponse and MadMimi do offer free trail. GetResponse charges 15 dollars for sending mails to 1000 subscribers while MadMimi charges 10 dollars for sending mails to 500 subscribers.
  • Other Features- While MadMimi has API features, GetResponse offers range of features including Spam Check, A/B testing, API, Auto Responders, Custom Forms, Drag and Drop interface, Social Media Integration.



Both MadMimi and GetResponse are rated high by small and mid-size enterprise customers. However GetResponse has certain add-on features which are not available in MadMimi, thus making GetResponse as an Ideal choice for those who are looking to promote their business online through email marketing. Not only email marketing, GetResponse serves as a one-stop solution for each customer with its landing page tools & webinar tools.

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  1. Get response is simply awesome tool which is helping me to build email list from last 1 year. It is very attractive in terms of user interface and also have many useful features. I will definitely recommend to all the internet marketers to use Get response if they are serious about their business.

  2. Nice review! Landing page and webinar option are very tempting. I’ll check out GetResponse. Thanks for the recommendation.

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