KickoffLabs vs GetResponse Landing Page Tool Review

Landing pages has brought a new revolution to the branding & marketing industry. These landing pages have made branding of any product, sales pages, webinar, or any online activity so simple. With the advent of online marketing tools, creating a landing page has become really very simple. These tools provide you with pre-designed templates that can be edited as per your needs and requirements. Landing pages play an important role in attracting a number of costumers towards your campaign and enhances the number of subscribers who joins you. Let us learn few valuable details about both these tools and find out which one is the best.

GetResponse Landing Page Builder Overview

GetResponse is an ironic tool that comes with plenty of options for the marketer. Not only landing pages, but you can even create webinar pages and can also run email marketing campaigns. Creating a landing page with GetResponse has become an easier job. You can create responsive landing pages for the promotional activities with shear purpose of branding. GetResponse landing page creator offers a lot of customization options that are really useful for designing the best landing pages.

Get Responses Landing Page Review

Noteworthy Features of GetResponse Landing Pages

GetResponse Landing page builder tool offers a classy range of features to its users. These features can be utilized and used for designing the perfect landing pages that eye pleasing as well as responsive.

  • Landing Page Templates: GetResponse offers a range of 100+ template designs to create your landing page for a campaign. These templates are highly customizable through WYSIWYG editor. The editor provides drag & drop functionality so the images, taglines, text in the page can be moved to desired location.

Get Responses Landing Page Template

  • Responsiveness: GetResponse offers responsive landing page templates that can be adjusted automatically to any of the devices including mobile, tablets, and laptops.
  • Built in Web Forms: One of the overwhelming features offered by GetResponse is built-in web forms. These web forms are necessary to capture the deliberate data entered by user in the input fields on your landing pages. This data can further be utilized for sending promotional emails to the users.


  • Image Editor: With GetResponse’s image editor, you can add more than 1000 images to your landing pages. The images can be added manually too and you can even edit these images by applying filters and color brushes.
  • No HTML Required: As discussed earlier, you do not need to have knowledge of HTML code for changing the elements of landing pages. All things can be done easily through drag & drop functionality.
  • Split Testing: You can clearly judge that which template design is performing better using this method. Around 5 variations of same templates can be tested to identify which one is the best according to audience response.
  • Integrations: GetResponse allows you to link Google Analytics to your landing pages in order to get accurate data. You can check how the landing page is performing through this data. Moreover, further integrations like social media integration and integration with Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, and other applications is also offered.
  • Pricing: You have to pay around $25 every month to access features like Autresponders, email marketing, and landing page tools. Around 1000 subscribers will be sent promotional mails. The plan can be enhanced as your subscriber number crosses 1000.

GetReseponses Pricing

KickoffLabs Landing Page Builder Tool

KickoffLabs is another reputed landing page creator tool that offers wide range of landing page templates along with number of integration options. All these templates are responsive and work phenomenally on mobile devices. Let us explore some of the versatile features of KickoffLabs and find out how well KickoffLabs serves the audience.

Noteworthy Features of KickoffLabs Landing Pages

KickoffLabs has gained a good appreciation from the online audience and is one of the few best landing page creator tools which have plethora of features to offer to the customers at budget price. Let us know about some interesting features of KickoffLabs.

  • Landing Page Templates: It offers more than 60+ landing page templates out of which 40 landing page templates are handcrafted and optimized for the conversions. The templates can be edited as per your requirements. It also features the WYSIWYG builder and makes the template editing really simple for the user.


  • Responsiveness: The landing page templates of KickoffLabs works exceptionally well on mobile devices, laptops, desktop or any other device. These templates automatically adjust to the device on which they are opened.
  • NO HTML Required: You need not to be proficient in HTML code in order to edit the landing page templates offered by KickoffLabs. The templates can be edited through it drag & drop functionality that lets the user to edit templates flawlessly.
  • Opt in Forms: You can welcome the users with pop up or opt-in forms and collect the details about the users that can be utilized further.
  • Split Testing: You can check the viewers’ response easily using this feature. KickoffLabs lets you to check 2 variants of same template in real time and gives you all reports about performance & conversions through both the variations.

KickoffLabs Split Testing

  • Integrations: KickoffLabs allows you to integrate with major social media websites and few applications, therefore increasing your customers over social media.
  • Pricing: The plan starts at $39 per month offering access to all landing page templates and popup forms. The plan is limited to 10000 visitors per month. You can enhance the plan on increase of visitors.

Kick Off Labs Pricing

Conclusion: KickoffLabs vs GetResponse Landing Page Builder

After going through the above details, it is clearly visible that GetResponse is the winner over KickoffLabs. With more number of landing page templates in its template library, GetResponse outreaches KickoffLabs. Also, KickoffLabs only offers split testing for 2 variants of templates, but with GetResponse you can easily test 5 variants of specific template simultaneously. Though both these tools had a close fight over the proficient features, but going with GetResponse is a better option when we compare it with KickoffLabs.

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