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Joomla, Magento, and Drupal are among the best Content Management Systems, including WordPress. For learning how to choose best hosting for Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and WordPress, one should understand each of the CMS. Each CMS has their own features that differ from another. All of these have their pros and cons. And all of them are useful in one or other way.

Keeping aside WordPress, let’s see which CMS has got what to provide its users.


Joomla HostingOne of the leading Content Management Systems in the world, Joomla has earned a wide popularity among the web-geeks and typical webmasters in a very short period of time. It is a little complicated to use if compared with WordPress but once you are getting it, there won’t be any complication.

Users of Joomla have chosen to rely on this CMS platform for its capability of managing more complex sites. Joomla is an ideal platform to manage sits like community website, e-commerce, social networking sites, etc. where an impressive number of registered users are active as well as traffic volume also high.

Joomla is created to create and handle structurally flexible sites that need high bandwidth speed, space, and security.


magento hosting

Magento is another free to use open source CMS that is specialized in managing e-commerce sites. As the platform is programmed to develop an e-commerce site, it has all the ability to create convenient user navigation, improve user engagement, enhances conversion rates as well as increasing in sale rates.

While WordPress itself is not specialized for e-commerce yet keeps an option to integrate WooCommerce, Magento is totally focused on e-Commerce. So, if someone is truly into creating and managing e-commerce sites with a dedicated platform, Magento is the best catch. The platform is obtained by eBay and you know how great the site is working.

For a website like that, a high amount of bandwidth speed, very high uptime, cyber security, and more are demanded.


Drupal Web Hosting


Pro webmasters and internet marketers’ choice, Drupal is the best CMS platform when it comes to managing highly complex sites. Of course, it is the most complicated CMS to utilize by users with higher technical knowledge and experience. A website with large metadata, huge contents, and vast traffic volume needs a best content managing platform. Drupal is the best CMS program we have today that can manage such a huge amount of task seamlessly.

Drupal is used often to manage significant websites such as government, media, and university as it has the capability of handling high-quality data with a stable service for a long run. This is also one ideal CMS to process high traffic volume.

As it sounds real tough to manage all these stuff, it certainly requires enough hosting resources.

Choose Special Hosting Service for These CMSs

As you now know the above-mentioned CMSs are much different from WordPress and any other open source CMS. If you are using these Content Management Systems, you are certainly into something big or complex. Sites like e-Commerce, Government, university, social media, forum, etc. deals with the high amount of data, user credentials, financial data, and more sensitive data as such. To all these data is managed, required hosting resources are unique and supportive.

At least 1GB of disk space is required. This amount should be more depending on the site weight. Initially this minimum amount with go. Standard, MySQL, Linux, Apache, and PHP are ideal for such CMSs.

Shared hosting would never work well with Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. VPS, Dedicated, and cloud hosting would do better with any of these CMSs. Also, look for the SSL certification as security matters a lot with websites run under these CMSs. Above 90% site uptime is high required for e-Commerce sites. A second of site down could lead a huge amount of loss.

Final Words & Recommendation

If you are still confused which hosting service would do best with your Content Management System, I would suggest you go for SiteGround Web hosting service. The hosting does very well with all the Joomla, Magento, and Drupal. It has SSD drives, enhanced performance with HTTP, PHP, NGINX, etc. It also provides free SSL certificate for your site. It keeps a high-level security with its own firewall security rules. So, a hosting service that provides all the required items for your Joomla, Magento, or Drupal is highly recommended.

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  1. Good Work Rajesh! And I always prefer Drupal, because it’s very secure compare to other CMS’s, and for Drupal cloud hosting by Cloudways is best because their uptime is very high and best of all prices are pocket friendly starting from just 7$ per month.

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