How To Install A New Theme On A WordPress Site

WordPress is the best CMS not only for bloggers but for webmasters of other types of websites also. Many great websites depend on this platform because of its power and security WordPress site.

A very self-explanatory reason why people love WordPress is that you can modify it to any level. Most people do not like the default theme the WordPress installation comes with. If you belong to this group of people then hold on, in this article we will show you how to change the default WordPress theme to a custom one.

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There are two ways to install a new theme. First being the online theme store while the second way of installing a new theme is by manually uploading the theme file. We will get into both these methods.

Installing A New Theme From The Online Store

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. Under Appearance section click on Themes.Go To Themes Section
  3. Now click on Add New button (located at the top).Add New Button
  4. Hover on the theme of your liking and click on Install button. You can also preview the theme by clicking on the Preview button.Install The Theme
  5. Click on the Activate option on the next screen.Activate The Theme

Congrats! you have installed a new theme on your website. Visit the homepage to see the theme in action WordPress site.

Uploading A Theme

Since WordPress is really famous, many independent developers have created a market around it. People develop and sell their own themes openly. If you have purchased or downloaded one of these themes then follow the following instructions to install it.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  2. From the right side hover on Appearance section, a new set of option will appear, click on ThemesGo To Themes Section
  3. From the top click on Add New Button.Add New Button
  4. Now click on Upload Button (located at the top).Upload Button
  5. Select your theme file and click on Install button.
    Upload And Install The Theme
  6. Now WordPress will take a few moments to upload the file and install it. After its done click on Activate option.

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  1. Totally informative article for me ! As i have a word press website and looking to find some info how i could add some new and advanced themes. you just have made my worried solved.

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