Can I Get iMessage on My Windows 11 Device? Here Are 4 Ways to Do It

Want to be able to access your iMessage account on Windows 11? It can be done – and, in fact, there are multiple ways to do it. Syncing your various accounts and platforms across your devices is an easy way to boost productivity at work and help ensure that your home and social life run smoothly, too.

Below you’ll find all the information you need to get up and running with accessing iMessage on your Windows 11 PC or laptop. And it might be easier than you think!

Phone Link

While previously Microsoft only enabled Android pairing for Windows users, the new Windows 11 Phone Link app now allows iOS users to pair their phones to the Windows OS. Doing so allows these users to interact with a screen that effectively mirrors their device’s calls, messages, and notifications. Plus, users can transfer files from their PC to their phone and vice versa.

Right now, Phone Link is only available for Windows Insiders. To sign up for this program, simply head to Settings, then Windows Update, and finally, Windows Insider Program. Now that’s done, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on for both your PC and iPhone. Now open the Phone Link app on your PC and click on iPhone.

Can I Get iMessage on My Windows 11 Device? Here Are 4 Ways to Do It

Next, follow the prompts to connect your PC to your iPhone via a QR code. You’ll now be asked to confirm that a code displayed on the screen matches the one you’ll see on your iPhone, and then you’ll be asked to give Phone Link permission to access your iPhone, ready for syncing.

Via Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop can also be used to get iMessage on Windows 11. To get started, open Settings on your iPhone and choose your Apple ID Account; next, select iCloud. Now toggle Messages to green (if it isn’t already). On your MacBook, launch the Messages app, and sign in with your Apple credentials.

In the apps Menu bar, select Messages and then Preferences. Now choose the iMessage tab and activate the email address and number you wish to use. Choose where you want new conversations to start, and then hit the Sync Now button.

Next, sign into your Google account within Chrome – or set one up if you haven’t already got one. Head to the Chrome Remote Desktop page and choose Share this screen, and then Add to Chrome in the window that pops up.

On your Windows device, install Chrome and either sign in with your account or create a new one. Head to the Chrome Remote Desktop extension and choose Add to Chrome to begin the installation.

Go back to your MacBook and navigate to the Chrome Remote Desktop web app and choose Share this screen, and Generate Code. Next, on your Windows device, go to the Chrome Remote Desktop web app and click on Share this screen. Under the heading Connect to another computer, enter the code previously generated on the MacBook. On your MacBook, confirm that you give permissions when necessary – and you’re all done!

Use a Free Emulator

Emulator apps allow users to run Apple applications on Windows 11 devices. iPadian is one such app, and you can head to its website to download the free emulator. Once the app has been downloaded and installed, you’ll be asked to confirm that you agree to the terms of use before it’s launched on your device. It’s worth noting that this emulator app will only work on full-screen.

Spike Email App

The Spike email app offers all the benefits – and more – of iMessage without the need to use an Apple device. Spike works across all devices, is speedier than traditional email, and works on the web, Android, and PC – plus, the platform supports group chat and is a great option for those working in remote or hybrid teams.

As an iMessage for PC alternative, Spike ticks all the boxes. It offers email that fuses the functionality of regular platforms with the ease and naturalness of instant messaging, doing away with the screen clutter that can make email threads hard to read and enabling users to switch between emailing, video conferencing, and voice messaging, all in-app. The platform’s conversational dashboard and unified inbox are designed to make your day-to-day home or work life run as smoothly as possible.

The Takeaway: Accessing iMessage on Windows Devices

If it would make your life easier to access your iMessage account on your Windows-enabled device, then the above options offer a range of solutions. Whether you decide to go through the steps required to connect your devices or opt for the best iMessage alternative for Windows PCs and laptops, the choice is yours.


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    Can I Get iMessage on My Windows 11 Device? Here Are 4 Ways to Do It

    Can I Get iMessage on My Windows 11 Device