How to resolve Facebook website old or no thumbnail issue

If you understand social media then am damn sure you know the importance of having a good and appealing image in the link you shares on facebook to drive traffic. Its not command but hard to explain this issue caused by facebook cache. In this article I’ll be guiding to resolve facebook website old thumbnail issue. because man there is no tutorial about this concern.

What is Website Thumbnail on Facebook?

I think you already familiar with this because you are here to see resolution of related to thumbnail itself. But if you don’t know about it then let me explain you about this, when you share any link or website on your facebook timeline, groups, or pages then facebook capture an image from that particular link to make your shares more attractive for example

No Thumbnail facebook Shares…

Above image is example of no thumbnail link shares on facebook, trust without an image on your facebook shares will not get much user engagement at all and it will make your profile messy.

Good Thumbnail Facebook Share…

Now you decide which image will get better click No Thumbnail or Good Thumbnail ? As you can see we got 12 Likes and 1-1 Share and Comment, I have updated this image yesterday using og meta tags in my website.

But some times your shares not generating proper thumbnails from the link you willing to share and in some cases facebook generates old images which is not even exist on your blog or website.

How to resolve facebook no or old thumbnail issue?

If you are facing the issue with facebook thumb images and its loading plank image or no images to your link then you have to follow these simple steps to resolve this issue or you can refer my video tutorial

  1. Goto Facebook Debugger Tool
  2. Provide your correct url (which you want to share)
  3. Click on Debug Button
  4. Refresh the page and now you are done … 🙂

Still getting same issue?

I have seen facebook debugger not resolving issue with a single debug, in this case you need to repeat the same process for 2-3 times and it will clear the cache from facebook and update new images from your website or blog.

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