How to recover your blog from Google Penalties

A penalty from Google can be tremendously harmful for you blog or website. But we cannot simply say that you have been penalized or not. It is very hard to take care of the penalty and make a full recover from it. Here we will have a glance on the several types of penalties taken by Google. Also we will provide you information on how to recover your blog from Google penalties.

Google Penalties

But first you have to understand the meaning of Google Penalty? It usually happens when one of your sites gets flagged by a manual review team, or simply by the negative impact on the update of algorithm. Penalties result in a very negative way like decreasing in the traffic and it is no good for any business mostly for the company those depend on their site as a source of income.

Google Penalties – Recover your blog:

Google Penalties is been categorized into two several categories, one is the manual and the other is the algorithmic. In each of the category there are lots of reason due to which you website has faced the penalties. Let us have a quick discussion on the most common problems that rise to Google penalties. Learn how to recover them by reading till the end.

Manual penalty – How to recover it?

A manual penalty is also term as manual action, it basically takes place when your site is been flag by Google’s Spam. Due to breaching for one and more than that of the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, to check whether you website is manually penalized, you have to simply log into the Google Search Console and make sure there is any fresh messages or not. If you could not find any, then most probably you have faced a manual penalty on your website.

People usually faced the Manual Penalty because of the backlink profile on your website. Apart from that there are three types of manual penalties that are as follows.

  • Unnatural links into your website with impact links – When Google detects any unnatural links into your website.
  • Unnatural links into your website – In this situation, you are blamed for the unnatural links by Google.
  • Unnatural links from your site – it is a penalty which is quite the opposite of the first and second one. Here Google thinks that you are linking out quite regularly with the same website having same content of text continuously or while taking part in many other manipulative linking.

Recovering from a manual penalty is quite of under control situation when compared to other penalties. As a matter of fact, manual penalties are mostly link-based. First off, check on of your website is paralyzed for the unnatural inbound practices or due to the outbound linking practices.

Locate the problem and then remove it from your blog or website. Well most of the time it is hard to figure what is causing the trouble of Google penalties. It could be simply due to using of a private blog network or the discouraging link building practice likely cause the Google Penalties.

Algorithmic Penalty – How to recover it?

Google set the Algorithmic penalty when the search of the Google’s algorithms flags you site. This is likely to happen when the algorithm is updated, may be simply due to refresh of the data collected from the last updates of algorithm. It has been witnesses most of the time that the penalties are been made on the basis of Algorithm. When the panelized happen you will not receive any messages, instead of that you might be noticing huge massive traffic drop someday without any proper knowledge.

To take care of the algorithmic penalty for not happening at any time, you better keep on maintaining the algorithm updates of Google not to happen. Some of the big algorithm updates may also cause you few automatic penalties from Google. The list of the Google algorithm updates are Panda, penguin and mobile friendliness.

Speaking of fixing the Algorithmic penalties set by Google, the only way to deal with it is by retrieving your rankings once again. Fix the problem until the problem is alright and wait for the right time to get it done. Since Google runs only the refresh data of the algorithmic one time in each months, the website that has Google penalties will recover only at the time of data refreshes mentioning that your site is no longer under the penalty.

Fixing the Panda algorithmic may take you a year to recover it, whereas penguin penalty is similar to that of manual penalty where to need to search the infected link to fix the problem. To set the Penalty of the Mobile-friendliness free, the only you have to do is to tweak your website till you settle the score properly using Google tool. The next moment you get a data refresh the penalty will be gone by that time.


If you ever come across through Google Penalties be it algorithmic penalty and manual penalty. You have learnt everything that you need to know on How to recover your blog from Google Penalties. Don’t get panic if you get one of these above mentioned trouble. Google penalties can be solved thing is it will take some time may be longer sometimes.

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