How to install WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin

Today I am gonna tell you how you can create multi site on your single wordpress dashboard basically we will talk about how to configure Domain Mapping plugin to your single Hosting account. This is not actually the same process we follow to install normal plugins to your wordpress site, you need to login to your hosting account connect with any FTP client to access your WP files.

What do you need to configure Domain mapping to your WordPress site?

  1. You will need at least 2 domain names
  2. WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin
  3. IP of your hosting account (Dedicated IP is recommended)
  4. Notepad ++ editor


Park Your Domain Name: First of all you have to configure your both domain name on a same hosting account, for this just need to update same name servers on those domain and 1 will be your root domain another domain you have to park from your cPanel.

To park domain name on your cPanel you need to login and click on Parked Domain here you can see the option to add a new domain name to your site.

Installing WordPress MU Domain Mapping Plugin: To do this login to admin dashboard of your wp website and Choose Add New Plugin option from plugin menu, if you are not seeing this option then maybe you are logged in as a normal user not as an administrator.

Now simple search for this plugin “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” and install it as you normally do, after successful installer you will get option to “Network Activate” instead of usually we get activate this plugin option. It will not function without extra advance configuration to make this working first you need to do is move a file that’s been download with this plugin to another directory.

Now login to your hosting account with choice of your FTP client or you can also access your GoogieHost control panel directly from your browser. Once you go to your cPanel select file manager or if you connected with FTP choose public_html directory. As you may know all plugin files are available in wp-content file directory and you have to go into this directory for next process, in your plugin directory you will see the installed version of wp domain mapping folder. Before making changes let me tell you here MU stand for Must Use that clearly shows you have to take care on this process.

Move sunrise.php file of this plugin: Now you need to move sunrise.php file from wp- M- Domain mapping directory to wp-content directory, it’s very simple if you are logged in to your GoogieHost control panel.

Edit wp-config file: Yes now finally we have to make some changes in our wp-config.php file which is available in public_html directory just couple level up to your current directory.


You have move sunrise.php file to another directory and its time to tell your site to access it by adding this command “define( ‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ );” just right after

/** Abslute path to the WordPress Directory. */

If ( :defined (‘ABSPATH’) )

     define (‘ABSPATH’, dirname(_FILE_) . ‘/’);

define( ‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ );


Now save this file as it is after placing this code to the right place, you can close the file edit option from your file manager or if you are editing this file its time to upload your wp-config file in public_html directory again.

Now you are done you can configure Domain mapping from your admin dashboard and create unlimited WordPress websites under your single hosting account.
Domain Mapping Plugin

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