How to Fix Broken Links and Avoid 404 Errors

In our lives there has been countless number of times when we have entered a wrong address on our web browser or mistypes an URL. Or even sometimes we have clicked on a link that is broken. Ever wondered what it leads to?

Most of the times these lead to an error known as 404 error, sometimes this leads to funny pages. And when this happens you can be sure that something went wrong either you have entered the wrong address or the page has been removed or renamed, but the 404 error most of the times. So today in this article I will be telling you about how to fix this 404 error problem and also how to fix a broken link. So keep reading to know more.

What does 404 Error mean?

404 Error means that the webpage you were searching for doesn’t exist anymore. Basically it means that the website has been moves or removed and after that the URL of the website was not changed accordingly or you might have entered the wrong address.

It has happened to many of us that sometimes we try to access a website or a page and when you click on it a 404 Error appears. Well this is one of the common reasons that may lead to a 404 error, beside this there are loads of other reasons that leads to this kind of error. Some of these errors are avoidable whereas some are impossible to avoid. So now I will tell you about how to fix broken links and how to Avoid 404 Errors.


So first let me tell you about how to fix broken links.

How to Fix Broken Links

Sometimes links are just broken to begin with, all you can do is try to get things right on your end. But getting things right in at your end is not enough, the other webmasters are also required to cooperate for the external broken links to be fixed.

What you need to do is double check your links and in case everything is okay on your part and what you can do is contact the owner of the website with the broken link and expect that he will fix the problem. Well this is one way of fixing a broken link another way is that you can install a free software tool. There are lots of these tools available on the internet, pick one and then download and install it. Open the software tool and paste the domain address of the website, check the external links and click on “OK”. With this your analysis will start, this may take some time so wait for a while.

Now these are the ways to fix broken links. Now let me tell you how to avoid 404 errors.

How to Avoid 404 Errors

Well there is no way you can avoid a 404 error but there are ways to catch or stop these errors before they start appearing. Google Webmaster tool is one of these ways. This tool alerts you when there is an increase in these errors on your site. So if you check these on a weekly or monthly basis then you can stop these 404 errors from happening.

  1. Google WebMaster Tools
  2. Choose Website/Property
  3. Go to “Crawl
  4. Select ” Crawl Errors


So this is what you need to do in order to stop these 404 errors from happening

It’s quite important to monitor these errors frequently as these may lead to bigger problems. We should be quite vigilant while taking care of these problems. So if you have  any more queries then leave a comment below i will try to get back to you ASAP!

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  1. Nice post, I read your post and learnt a lot. There is also new program now called Easylinks. These program helps you not lose site visitor in case of 404 error. What the program does is when there is a broken link, instead for you to lose the traffic it will take them to your lead capture page or any page you desire to direct them to.

  2. when i change my template alot of broken link show in google webmaster
    How do we fixed those links,

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