How to find IP address behind Cloud Flare?

These days it doesn’t matter whether you are a digital marketer or a businessman, everyone, even a newbie blogger has to worry about their site’s security. With the number of black hat hackers increasing at an alarming rate, it would be quite fair to say that no site is completely protected from spammers. Now, some might argue with it, but just think even sites like Facebook, Twitter, which are having multi-layered protection are being hacked within a matter of minutes.

With that being said, no matter which hosting provider you are using to host your sites, even though they claim to offer complete protection of your site, in reality, they really don’t offer full protection. Thus, some of you might be thinking, then what’s the solution? Well, to be frank, you can make your site completely protected, but you can make sure that your site is having such kind of protection, which is hard to breach.

Find Cloud Flare IP

This is where Cloud Flare comes to play, and for those who don’t know, Cloud Flare is one of the popular and fastest growing CDN providers. The reason behind their huge popularity is their easy to use and setup configuration system, which has been able to block some of the most renowned black hat hackers units.

CloudFlare not only protects your site from spammers but also helps you to keep an eye on your visitors, so that whenever CloudFlare senses some illegal things, it immediately responds to it. Not only this, CloudFlare CDN also helps you in boosting your site’s load time, therefore, in a way your site ranking also improves, in addition to that, if your site goes down due to some server related issues, this CDN will make sure that your posts are live to the visitors.

If you are looking forward to adding to it on your WordPress blog, then follow the given steps:-

  • First login to your WordPress dashboard, go to ‘Plugins’> ‘Add new Plugin’.
  • Now search for ‘Cloud Flare’.
  • Once you get the plugin, please download and activate it.
  • For accessing the CloudFlare’s configuration, you need to go to ‘Settings’.
  • Once you find ‘CloudFlare’, go to its dashboard.
  • As the dashboard opens up, at the bottom, you’ll find an option called ‘Get this’, just underneath ‘CloudFlare domain name’.
  • Click on that option, as you do, you’ll be redirected to Cloud Flare login page if you already have an account, just log in. Or else create one.
  • After creating the account, you’ll be directed to the CloudFlare dashboard, at the bottom of the dashboard page, you’ll find a heading ‘Add a website’, in the text box, add your site, and start the scanning on the DNS records.
  • After the scanning incomplete, you’ll see all the DNS records, if you want to check it, you can do it, otherwise click on ‘Continue’.
  • Once you click on ‘Continue’, the pricing page will open up, now you need to select a plan out of the available options (let’s say you have selected the ‘Free’ plan, now click on ‘Continue’).
  • Next, you’ll see some name suggestion nameservers, you have to change that by logging onto your hosting account, or else, click on ‘Next’, and get to the ‘Overview’ of the CloudFlare dashboard.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a way to find out the real IP address of sites using Cloud Flare, then you can certainly the following methods-  One of the most common and the easiest ways to find out the real IP address of a site using Cloud Flare is by using sites like


Other than that, you can also use also use tools like NMAP, however, for using NMAP tools you need to have Linux installed on your machine. Now, once you install the application, open the terminal and type the following code-

nmap –sV –sS ip address

Once you execute this command, it will scan the given IP address and generate information about the site. If that doesn’t work then, type the following code-

nmap –script dns-brute –sn <target>

Now in case if you are a Windows user then, first open the Command prompt, and type the following commands:




We hope after reading this post, you’ll be able to track down the IP address of sites using CloudFlare DNS. Anyways, if you are facing any kind of issues, then please let us know by commenting in the comment section below.

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