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For different types of web hosting, you can select WebHostingBuzz Nameservers, which offers a free domain with their web hosting plans. The services of WebHostingBuzz include web hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and more.

WebHostingBuzz also provides two months of free web hosting plans, and to learn more about the features of their hosting plans, you can check the website of WebHostingBuzz. Read the following guide to learn about the nameservers, DNS management, and more.

What Are Private Nameservers?

Private nameservers can give a more personalized look as it is associated with your domain name rather than associating with the host. Private nameservers of WebHostingBuzz will look like this:


With all their reseller packages, the private nameserver is free except for the reseller basic. A one-time fee of $20 is needed for private nameservers under the Reseller Basic plan. If you have private nameservers, you can easily switch hosts and can also upgrade without much difficulty.

How To Update DNS Nameservers?

Check the guidelines in this section to know how to update the DNS nameserver.

  • Open the website in which you have registered your domain
  • Click on login or Client Area, where you can enter the username and password
  • Now you can see the dashboard of your account
  • Click on the My Domain/Domains tab
  • Select the Domain name for which you want to update the DNS nameserver
  • Click on the Manage button or in some client portals to see the nameservers tab. So click on it
  • Now you can see the nameserver of your domain
  • You can add the nameserver in the fields provided
  • Click on Update Nameserver once you have finished updating.

How Do I Change WebHostingBuzz Nameservers?

Through WHM Root Account, you can change the default WebHostingBuzz Nameserver.

  • The first step is to Log in to the WHM account
  • Click on the Server Configuration
  • Then select Basic WebHost Manager or type Basic WebHost on the search box
  • Scroll the page where you can see the Nameserver section at the end of the page
  • Under the nameserver section, you must change the current nameservers and add new nameservers in the fields provided
  • Click on the Save Changes Button at last.

How Do I Find Nameservers On WebHostingBuzz?

You can find your nameserver in WebHostingBuzz in the welcome email sent by WebHostingBuzz. It is also possible to find the nameserver by contacting the live support team of WebHostingBuzz.

How Can I Register Private Nameservers With a Domain Registrar?

There are various cooperative domain registrars for WebHostingBuzz Nameservers, and you can choose any one as your choice. The process of registering a private nameserver might differ a little according to the registrar you are using. See below the basic steps on how to register a private nameserver.

  • Create an account with the domain registrar first
  • Then log in to your Client Portal
  • Click on the Domains/My Domains tab
  • Pick the domain name for which you want to set the private nameservers for
How to Register private nameservers - WebHostingBuzz Nameservers
  • Click on Nameserver/ Nameserver Registration/ Private Nameserver
  • Add the private nameservers in the field provided
  • Click on Add Nameserver/ Save Nameservers

You can check this link to learn about domain registrars and the steps in creating a private nameserver.

How To Manage DNS Zone On WebHostingBuzz?

You can easily manage the DNS Zone through cPanel.

  • Log in to your account of cPanel.
  • Click on the Domain section
  • You can now see the option Zone Editor; click on that.
  • Select the Domain name for which you to Manage the DNS Records
DNS Zone -WebHostingBuzz Nameservers
  • Under the Actions text, you can find the DNS records like A record, CNAME, MX record, TXT, etc.
  • Click on the +record you want and add the details as asked.
  • Click on Add Record after entering the details.

How To Add Custom Domain Name To WebHostingBuzz Nameservers?

If you do not have a domain, WebHostingBuzz can help you register a new domain name. When you sign up with WebHostingBuzz, you can order a custom domain.

But if you have not ordered one, you must open a billing ticket. If you have a domain name in mind, you can check if that particular domain is available at NameCheap WebSite.

If Also you want to know about the Vultr Nameservers DNS, Custom Nameservers


WebHostingBuzz is a world-class web hosting company with more than 15 years of experience hosting various websites from around the world.

They offer a 60-second live chat response, so the client does not have to wait longer to get a response to any queries. With a solid infrastructure of a 99.9% uptime guarantee, the client can be sure that their website will always be online on the internet.

Moreover, the team of WebHostingBuzz constantly monitors the servers to avoid any problems in advance to make your website work smoothly on the internet.

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