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With 14 years of capability in the field of hosting, Warez-Host is one of the top web hosting providers through which you can register a domain and host your website.

Their hosting services include offshore hosting, offshore VPS hosting, and offshore dedicated servers. You can avail a personalized service for your business if you choose Warez-Host NameServers.

Warez-host has three data centers with a number of servers that have high availability redundant systems. Read more to know about offshore dedicated servers, nameservers, and domains.

What is An Offshore Dedicated Server?

The offshore warez dedicated server is a physical server that provides dedicated resources that are not similar to shared or warez VPS servers. Full control over the server with the dedicating hosting plan will be available to the clients.

With Warez-Host, you can avail the offshore dedicated server with full management and high-end resources that are available with different RAM, hard drive, HW raid, and bandwidth.

Moreover, their offshore servers offer a secure and private Warez-Host Name Server infrastructure to run online operations. For more details regarding their offshore dedicated servers, check this link.

What is The Warez-Host NameServers?

When the client registers a domain name with Warez-Host Name Server will be set for that particular domain by the registrar. Such nameservers created by Warez-Host are the Warez-Host nameservers that will help in converting the URL to the IP address.

How To Change My NS Record?

To change the nameservers record in Warez-Host, you must follow the steps given here.

  • Visit the website of Warez-Host and select the login button
Warez-Host Name Server: NS Record
  • Using your login credentials, Access your Client Area.
Warez-Host Name Server:
  • Click on the My Domains tab
  • Select the domain name for which you want to change the NS record
  • You can find the Manage button against the domain name, click on that
  • Select the option Your Domain DNS
  • Click on the Change button
  • You can make any modification to the nameservers record
  • After changing the NS record, click on Update.

If Also you want to know about the Warez-Host Login

How Do I Find My Server Hostname?

To find your server’s hostname, you must follow the simple steps given below.

  • Select All program from the Start menu of your system
  • Click on Accessories
  • Then select Command Prompt
  • A window will open up and you must enter –hostname

Now the result in the next line of the command prompt will show the hostname and the machine without the domain.

When Do I Need To Update/Change My Domain Name Servers?

You will have to update/change the domain nameservers if you are switching your web hosting provider to another one. Likewise, you need to change the nameservers if you are adding a web application firewall like Cloudflare or Sucuri in order to protect your website.

How To Get My Private NameServer IPs?

Private nameservers must have nameservers and their corresponding IP addresses. You can check your welcome mail received from the registrar upon purchasing a hosting plan to get the details of the private nameservers to be registered along with the IP addresses.

You must create a private nameserver either through the client portal or using cPanel. The process of creating a private nameserver is different for each hosting provider. If Also you want to know about the Alpha Hosting Nameservers | DNS Resolver Cache |

How Long Does It Take For Private NameServers To Work Once Registered?

While creating the private nameservers, you must also change the DNS. So, it will require 24 to 48 hours for the nameservers to become wholly serviceable. If Also you want to know about the Skysilk Nameservers & Setting Up Reverse DNS |

How Can I Change My Site’s MX To Point Mail to Another Server Or Domain?

You should log in to the cPanel account to change your site’s MX to point mail to another server or domain. To point MX to another domain follow these steps.

  • After logging in to the cPanel account click on Mail
  • Then click on Modify Mail Exchange which is the MX entry
  • Now put in mail.thedomainname.com of your domain

To point to another server with the same domain you must follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Log in to the WHM account
  • Click on the Edit DNS Zone option
  • Select the domain you want to edit
  • Change the MX from domain.com to mail.domain.com
  • Remember that mail.domain.com must have the A entry of the external mail server IP address

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Warez-host offers free migration assistance and to boost the performance of your website, they offer Litespeed and LSCache.

For any kind of technical queries, you can always depend on the best customer support team of Warez-Host NameServers.

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