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Warez-host login has been a leading provider for longer than other hosting providers with truly efficient and exceptional features and offers to guide you and provide you a stress-free journey throughout your hosting experience.

The following short tutorial may help you avoid complications while using Warez-host.

How To Login To the Client Area?

  • To login into your client area, get this link https://clients.warez-host.com/clientarea.php on your address bar and hit enter
  • The login page will come up, where you need to input your login credentials.
  • Click on Remember me to save your details for future
  • If your login details are incorrect or you happen to forget your password, select the Forgot Password option to reset it.
  • Finally click on the green Login button
Warez-host login

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How To Change contact details?

  • To change your contact details, login to your client area
  • Then select the option for the Update Your Details link
  • Make changes in your details
  • Finalize and then click on the Save Changes button

How To Access cPanel in Warez-host?

There are various ways to login to your cpanel in Warez-Host; two of them is by your Client area account and by a direct URL in your browser address bar

From Client Area:

  • Enter the main home page of your Warez-host account and login to your Client area
  • On the menu bar, click on My Products
  • Then click on the Go button
  • A page will open up giving you the option to access your cpanel from either a secure connection or a normal connection.
  • You will need to be careful about your ISP which filters your connection, blocking access from the 2082/3 port.
  • Therefore, you need to use the normal connection
  • Enter your login details and click on Login

From Browser address bar:

  • The next alternative way to login to your cpanel via URL is by using this link http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel
  • For a more secure connection, use the port 2083 behind the URL to access your cpanel. E.g. https://www.yourdomain.com:2083
  • For a normal connection use the port 2082, e.g. http://www.yourdomain.com:2082
Warez-host login

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How To change my NS record?

  • To change the nameservers record, start by logging in to your Client Area
  • Then select the option for My Domains from the menu bar above
  • Select the domain that you want to make changes for and click on Manage
  • Then select Your Domain DNS
  • Select the Change button given on the screen and start modifying your domain NS record
  • After you’re done with the changes, click on Update to save the changes that you’ve made
  • You might have to wait as it takes several hours to propagate. 

How To resolve common issues after website transfers?

An option to resolve common issues after website transfers are by re-configuring the application at use to work with the help of the server’s name.

You can also contact the Warez-host support center and team to help you resolve the issues as they are available 24/7 and will immediately respond to any queries.  

How To transfer email accounts and Messages between cPanel servers?

  • To transfer your email accounts and messages between cpanel servers, start by opening your preferred FTP client.
  • Then connect to where your email accounts are i.e. your hosting account and navigate to the etc/subfolder to find the folder named mydomain.com.
  • You will need to download this folder to your PC
  • Connect your FTP client to the server that you want your account to be transferred to. 
  • Rename the downloaded mydomain.com folder then start the process of transfer.
  • For the next step, navigate to mail/sub folder storing your messages and download mydomain.com on your PC.
  • Then connect it to the account that you want your messages transferred.
  • Upload the folder to the destination account.
  • Open your cPanel and click on email accounts to find the transferred email accounts and messages.

How To Import Existing SSH Key in WHM?

  • Start by logging in to your WHM
  • Then navigate to your Home.
  • Enter your Security Center and select Manage root’s SSH keys
  • After that, click on your Import key button
  • Give a name for the key and paste the public key in the same field
  • Click Import
  • Authorize the key for the root user by clicking on Manage Authorization under the Manage option
  • At the end, click on the Authorize button to finalize.

Keep in mind that the fields for Password and Private Key aren’t required.

How To solve a Reported Attack Site?

  • You can use links like http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=163633 to clean and harden your web applications.
  • Submit a website review after you’re done with the cleanup on Google Webmaster.
  • After Google verification, the warning for the Reported Attack Site will be removed.

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Warez-host login With the amazing help of the Warez-host team, it has been repeatedly giving services that beat other platforms and has always remained at the top of its game.

It truly guarantees a well-maintained application system for the overall development of your Hosting experience.

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