Order Hosting From SmarterASP 

Craving to purchase hosting solutions from SmarterASP after knowing about their incredible web services? Allow us to enlighten you on SmarterASP plans and proposals.

Let’s also get you through ordering different plans from SmarterASP and discussing how long it would take to set up a successful hosting account.

This article will surprise you with all that is to be known about SmarterASP plans and how to order them. Let’s get going, shall we ?👍

What are the Price and Plans of Web Hosting?

SmarterASP offer its users with four different types of plans, which are listed down below :

1. Shared ASP.NET Hosting

A basic plan for customers who are new to the web hosting world and looking for a plan to get started with.


2. Windows ASP.NET Hosting

Looking to work with ASP.NET language to create your website? SmarterASP provides a 60-day free trial too.


3. VPS Hosting

Want to scale your business? Get yourself a reliable yet cheaper option from SmarterASP.


4. Dedicated Server Hosting

Treat that great traffic with SmarterASP dedicated plans made just for you.

Dedicated Server Hosting

How to Order Shared ASP.NET Hosting in SmarterASP?

Let’s get this started with how you would order Shared Hosting plans from SmarterASP. 

  • Visit the website SmarterASP click on “get started” tab
SmarterASP login
  • This would direct you to the plans SmarterASP offers < choose your preferred plan < click the “Buy Now” tab on the required plan.
  • A page like this would pop up; let’s help you fill in the details, shall we? 👍
  • You can also choose and check your preferred plan from here.
SmarterASP your order
  • Enter your “coupon code” if you have one.
  • After entering the relevant details < hit the “terms and conditions” checkbox < click submit.
SmartASP member login
  • After successfully going through the payment procedure your account has been created.

Note – Email verification same for every type of purchase from SmarterASP.

  • An account created successfully message would appear, but remember you also have to email verification too for successful account creation.
  • Check your registered mail for the activation link < click on the LINK < your account has now been successfully created, voila.

Poof, now you’ve created your account successfully with SmarterASP, remember to thank us in the comment down below for that.

Let’s get you that 60-day free trial of Windows ASP.NET Hosting, to get you started 

How to Order Windows ASP.NET Hosting in SmarterASP?

These are the steps you would do to get yourself a free Windows ASP.NET hosting in SmarterASP:

  • Go to the website of SmarterASP < tap on “free trial” tab.
Windows ASP.NET free trial
  • A new page will pop up < go to “60 DAYS Trial” < tap on “buy now”.
60 DAYS Trial
  • Account infomation page would pop up < fill-in the information correctly < click Signup Now.
Signup Now

In an instant after clicking the Signup Now button you will be directed to your dashboard login, complete your EMAIL VERIFICATION and ride along with new Windows ASP.NET from SmarterASP. 

Looking forward to buying a hosting solution to scale your business, let’s get you through the purchase of VPS Hosting from SmarterASP.

How to Order VPS Hosting in SmarterASP?

Do you want to direct your customers to a site more stable with less downtime but also looking for a cheaper alternative as well. Look no further as we’ve got to cover with a guild on how to order VPS web hosting from SmarterASP. Follow these steps right away 🙂

  • Visit the website SmarterASP click on the “HOSTING PLANS” tab residing in the upper side of the screen as indicated in the picture.
  • This would open a pop-up as such < click on VPS button.
VPS button
  • Choose within these options according to your functionality < click on “Buy Now” tab.
  • This would open to a similar yet distinct Sign-up page.
  • Choose again your preferred plan from the Hosting Plan section.
  • Check for the duration of purchase besides “Payment Terms”.
  • Enter Coupon Code, if have any.
Vps Enter Coupon
  • Enter your accurate credentials.
  • Enter affiliate ID if provided with as such < click submit.
affiliate ID
  • This would direct you to the payment gateway < complete your payment, successfully.

After your email verification, which is straightforward (follow the steps above), you are now a successful owner of a VPS plan from SmarterASP.

Want for a hosting even better and more powerful or want to cater to even higher traffic?

Let’s educate you on how to Order Dedicated Server Hosting in SmarterASP.

How to Order Dedicated Server Hosting in SmarterASP?

Want to make a purchase of hosting for your company or want to migrate to SmarterASP Dedicated Hosting plan even better, Let’s get you through the process of ordering :

  • Go to this page to buy your servers, this will return with a page like this.
SmarterASP buy plans
  • Click on the “buy now” button on the required plan
  • This would redirect you to a page for signing up, exactly like the picture below.
  • Choose and check the preferred plan from Hosting Plan, the provided options for dedicated hosting are cloud 1, cloud 2, cloud 3.
  • Choose your preferred tenure.
  • Apply any coupon code, if have any.
  • Check For the appropriate payment method.
  • Check for and enter your correct information.
enter your correct information
  • Enter Affiliate ID, if have any < click signup now.
  • This would direct you to the payment portal < complete the payment procedure < you’re now done and completed with your purchase.

After successful verification of your email, you are now a proud owner of dedicated hosting from SmarterASP, go live with your website right ‘about now.

How much time does SmarterASP take to Activate my Order?

Okay, After so many successful purchases from SmarterASP, we can absolutely confirm that after a successful payment, it would take you less than 15 minutes to get your dashboard up and running. Say yes to being active online 👍

Conclusion – Order Hosting From SmarterASP 

We would absolutely recommend you SmarterASP services. The prices they offer and the absolutely delightful service they provide are better than other web hosting service providers we’ve worked before with.

We hope we are able to sum up better how would you buy web hosting service from SmarterASP. Curious about purchasing from other providers too? , click here to know more on the support channels SmartASP provides.

Comment down below any suggestion you would like us to work on or what would you like to know about next. So as always, Get Hosting, Get Living 👍

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