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Are you looking forward to order hosting from DomainRacer and seeking for a relevant article to help you with the ordering process? 

In this article, we’ll be letting you know about the web hosting services offered by DomainRacer, its plan and prices and the entire step by step ordering process of web hosting services from DomainRacer. After covering these, we will help you know about the order activation period as well.

Let’s proceed with learning everything we can learn about ordering hosting from DomainRacer.

What are the Price and Plans of Web Hosting?

Here, we have listed the various web hosting plans and its related prices of DomainRacer. Followings are the 3 types of web hosting plans offered by the DomainRacer to the users. 

Shared Hosting

These are the most basic types of hosting for users new to the world of hosting. In this type of hosting services, the servers are shared among various users, providing them an incredible hosting environment at the same time making sure of less cost as well. The prices are as follows:

  • Basic → starts from RS 58 per month
  • Personal → starts from RS 88.2 per month
  • Silver → starts from RS 172.8 per month
  • Advanced → starts from RS 238.2 per month

Reseller Hosting

DomainRacer’s reselling hosting plans are for businesses looking to make a quick buck by providing hosting services to their clients. They offer three categories when it comes to these plans:

Unlimited Linux

  • Seed Plan → starts from RS 699 per month
  • Established Plan → starts from RS 1199 per month
  • Mature Plan → starts from RS 1529 per month

cPanel Reseller

  • Mini Plan → starts from RS 399 per month
  • StartUp Plan → starts from RS 499 per month
  • Growth Plan → starts from RS 1149 per month
  • Success Plan → starts from RS 1199 per month

WHMCS Reseller

  • Seed Plan → starts from RS 699 per month
  • Established Plan → starts from RS 1199 per month
  • Mature Plan → starts from RS 1529 per month

VPS Hosting

In VPS hosting services, the servers are shared using virtualization technology providing few dedicated resources (RAM/Storage/CPU) to the users having websites with greater influx of traffic. They offer 5 web hosting types under this web hosting, with various types of plans covered in each header according to your use case.These are:

  • Indian VPS
  • Low-Cost VPS
  • KVM VPS Hosting
  • Forex VPS
  • Windows VPS Hosting

Let’s cover all the steps you will need to know on how to order shared web hosting from DomainRacer.

How to Order Web Hosting in DomainRacer?

To order web hosting services from DomainRacer, one needs to follow the guidelines provided as under:

  • Visit the main page of DomainRacer < scroll down to their plans section < click on the “create website” tab under Shared hosting plan.
DomainRacer hosting plans
  • It will open up a new page, scroll down to find the offered plans < click on “view more” on the preferred plan.
DomainRacer nvme hosting plans
  • It will open the Choose a Domain page where you can choose from 3 options, choose from “register a new domain”


 “transfer your domain from another registrar”


 “I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers”

DomainRacer choose a domain
  • Here, we created a new domain altogether < enter your preferred domain name, if the domain name is not available it will give you the option of other similar domains, you can buy many depending on the use case < hit continue right after.
DomainRacer register a new domain
  • It will direct to the configure page  > select the time duration of the plans > set your preferred billing cycle.
DomainRacer configure
  • Here, you can select from extra additions with your plan, such as DNS management, ID protection.
DomainRacer additional plans
  • Review your opted products to confirm them for your purchase on the checkout page.
DomainRacer review checkout
  • Fill in your required credentials on the checkout page, refer to the image down below to get known over the required details to be filled < hit the “complete order” button right after.
DomainRacer checkout
  • It will direct you to the payments page, choose from the various payment options such as Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, Cash card, Wallet, EMI option and pay later option.
DomainRacer payment options
  • This will lead you to the payment gateway >  complete your payment
  • On making the payment your order is successfully placed with DomainRacer.

Let’s cover in the next section, how to order VPS hosting from DomainRacer.

How to Order VPS Hosting in DomainRacer?

Now let’s see how one can order VPS hosting from DomainRacer. This section will be complete right from the selection of the desired plan to the end of the completion of your purchase.

  • Visit the official website of DomainRacer > on the main page scroll down to find the various plans this company offers > select “Explore VPS Platform” under the VPS hosting plans.
Explore VPS Platform
  • It will direct you to their VPS hosting plan < select your preferred plans and click on the “order now” button.
DomainRacer order now
  • It will direct you to choose a domain page < select the preferred option according to your domain need, choose from the creation of an entirely new domain or domain transfer or use your existing domain < click on “continue” right after.
domain transfer
  • Now in the configuration page you can choose your 
  • preferred billing cycle 
  • Enter the hostname and root password.
  • Control panel addon 
  • Cloudlinux OS requirement with the plan 
  • Required LiteSpeed Web Server plan
  • plus the added security you will require 
  • Click the Continue tab right after. 
domain continue
  • Check and confirm if the products in the cart are your preferred products, also verify the total charge of all added products < click on the Checkout tab.
domain order summary
  • This will display the checkout page < enter the required details < choose between the payment options, such as UPI, Rupay, Visa or any other card < hit the “Complete Order” tab right after verifying the details.
domainracer Complete Order
  • On making the payment > your Reseller hosting order has been successfully placed from DomainRacer.

Continue reading to the next section where we have for you complete steps on ordering dedicated server hosting from DomainRacer

How to Order Dedicated Server Hosting in DomainRacer?

If you are a big business looking to scale and looking forward to upgrading the Dedicated Server hosting plans, then reading this will be fruitful. Here, we have provided you a complete guide on making your purchasing SIMPLE!

Let’s see these steps right now.

  • Visit the official website of DomainRacer < scroll down to find the reseller plan and click on the “build business” tab right after.
  • It will direct you to their plans page, choose from the type of reseller plan you will require, such as Unlimited Linux, cPanel Reseller, or WHMCS Reseller and click on the “Order Now” button on your preferred plan.
Domainracer growth plan
  • Choose a domain page appears < choose from the purchase or use pre-existing domain accordingly < click on the “continue” tab right after.
Domainracer growth plan choose a domain
  • It will direct you to the configure page, choose between the preferred billing cycle from the various options < Click on the continue button right after.
domainracer configure page
  • Choose your preferred “domain” add-ons < click on the continue right after.
domainracer domain configurations
  • Review and check the order summary < click on the Checkout option.
domainracer Checkout page
  • Complete the checkout page with the required information > choose your payment method between the various options such as UPI, Rupay, Visa, or any other bank card > Hit the “Complete Order” after verifying the entered details one last time.
domainracer checkout page
  • This will redirect you to the payments portal > complete your payment and get done with the ordering process at last.

The following section covers how long your order will take to get processed.

How much time does DomainRacer take to Activate my Order?

Usually, after the payment for the hosting service is made, the next thing that the users are worried about is the activation period of the hosting service. 

We had a golden opportunity to establish contact with the DomainRacer support team via Live chat about the Activation period of the order of all the hosting services (Offshore Web, VPS and Dedicated server).

  • The shared hosting plan got activated right after a few minutes of making the purchase.
  • Their VPS hosting plan took around 7 hours or so to be activated.
domainracer chat
  • Also, the dedicated server hosting plan more or less took the same time to be activated, that is, 7 to 8 hours, to be precise.
domainracer squad from domainracer

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Had a long read? Allow us to conclude in the next and final section.


Now you know everything about what this company has to offer. Specifically the plan and pricing of their various hosting plans offered. Also covered for you, how to order particular types of hosting from them such as their Shared web hosting, VPS web hosting and finally their Dedicated Server web hosting, with their order processing time as well.

Have you already completed a purchase from them? Continue to read our other article where we covered all about DomainRacer NameServers, how to find their NameServers and point them back to your domain?

Comment down any suggestion you have for us and suggest any other web hosting company you would like for us to write about. As always, Happy Hosting. 👍

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