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What Are JustHost Nameservers?

JustHost nameservers are given to the client upon registering a domain or purchasing a web hosting plan from JustHost.

There will be two nameservers i.e.


The nameservers help connect the domain names to the web server’s IP address, enhancing internet traffic.

How do I Find My JustHost Nameservers?

Justhost nameservers can be found in the welcome mail from JustHost when you register a domain or buy a web hosting account.

The nameservers can also be found in the client portal under the nameservers and overview sections.

How to DNS Manage in JustHost Nameservers?

To manage the DNS in JustHost, follow the steps provided here.

JustHost cPanel account
  • Then click on the Domains tab
  • Now you can see the Zone Editor option from the sub-menu. Click on that
  • You must select the domain name here for which you manage the DNS
  • Choose the record type you want to middy under the Zone File Records
  • Then click on the Edit button.
  • Make any changes that are required.
  • At last, click on the Save button.

How to Change Your Nameservers in JustHost?

For JustHost Nameservers Change, follow these simple steps.

  • Open the website of JustHost and login into your cPanel account.
  • Then click on the Justhost domain manager tab
  • Click on the Domain name to change the nameservers for
  • Select the Nameservers tab
  • You can now choose the custom nameserver option from two or more selections they give
  • Add the custom nameservers in the fields
  • Click on the Update Nameservers

How to Add, Edit or Delete DNS Entries?

Check the steps below to add, edit or delete DNS entries of your domain in JustHost.

  • Log in to your cPanel Account 
  • Click on the Domains Tab
  • Select Zone Editor from the sub-menu
  • Choose the domain name for which you want to add a new DNS entry
  • Then click on Add DNS record 
  • Add the new entry in the host record field
  • The TTL field can be the default setting
  • Click on Type and select the correct entry type from the drop-down menu
  • Add the address that the record must solve in the Point to field
  • Then click on the Add Record button to complete the process

To Delete the DNS Entry:

  • After accessing the DNS Zone Editor select the domain.
  • Under the Zone File Records, you can see the records.
  • Select that record and click on the Delete button

To fix a DNS record that already exists, follow the guidelines given here:

  • Access the DNS Zone Editor as said in the steps above
  • Then select the domain name 
  • Click on the Edit button
  • Make the changes as required
  • Click on the Save button

How to Create Custom Nameservers?

First, you must log in to the cPanel account by entering your login credentials. Then follow the steps stated below.

  • Click on the Domains option
  • From the Domain list, select the Domain name for which you want to create the custom nameservers
  • Click on the Nameservers tab that can be seen on the right side
  • From the options given, select Custom Nameservers.
  • Enter the nameservers in the field
  • You must also provide the IP address in the second field
  • Then click on Save Nameserver Settings.

How To Assign a Domain Name – A Record, Nameservers, HTML Page?

The following guide can help you in assigning your domain name easily.

Justhost Nameservers: A Record, Nameservers
Justhost Nameservers: login
  • Then click on the Domains tab that can be seen on the left side
  • Now click on the Assign option from the drop-down menu
  • You can now select between using a new or existing domain. But if you want to use a new domain, then you must verify the ownership as said in this link
  • Click on Addon Domain and select the folder in your account that your domain will point to
  • Select a Subdomain
  • Then click on the Add Domain button to assign the domain
  • After you finish, you can see the domain in the list under the Domains tab.

How to Check If Domain Nameservers Are Pointed Correctly?

You can use WHOIS lookup tools available online or your system console to check if your domain Justhost Nameservers are pointed correctly to the accurate server.

FAQs: JustHost Nameservers

How Long Does it Take for Nameservers to Update?

24 to 48 hours

What Happens When You Change Nameservers?

Whenever you change a nameserver you are using, the internet will search for the new nameserver location.
This is done to provide data linked to your domain, including website and email services.

Build your website with JustHost and host it with them by choosing the suitable hosting plans for you, Justhost Nameservers. 

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