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Choosing a web hosting company requires a detailed study of the services and products they have to offer. A web hosting company should be able to give you all the services that are necessary to create a website, build a website and host it on the internet.

HyperHost Nameservers has all the required services and products for increasing the traffic to your business website and you do not have to find any host or registrar for any other services related to the same.

What is Hyperhost?

HyperHost is one of the famous web hosting companies that is based in the UK. They offer various types of web hosting, VPS/VDS servers, reselling, domain registration, and many other additional services.

Their services are appropriate for small, medium, or large business companies to bring their business website available on the internet for the public to access.

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What Are HyperHost Nameservers?

HyperHost Nameservers are those default nameservers created when a person purchases a domain from HyperHost.

After registering a domain with HyperHost, the client will receive a welcome mail that will include the basic details regarding the domain name along with the default nameservers like:


What Are DNS And DNS Records?

DNS or the Domain Names System is a system that converts the domain names to IP addresses that are readable for the computer.

This helps people in finding a website on the internet with just the domain name. People will only have to type the domain name or the URL in the web browser.

The DNS records like A records, CNAME, MX records, etc are the instructions that exist in an authoritative DNS server.

These DNS records will provide information regarding the domain and the IP address that are associated with the domain.

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How To Point The Domain To VPS/VDS?

To point your domain to VPS or VDS you need to change the nameservers of the domain you have registered. The nameservers to be used are:

HyperHost Nameservers: Point the Domain to VPS/VDS

Then you must click on this link and log in with your credentials to access the DNS mail manager and you must add your domain.

The IP server should be specified in the field provided and your domain will be connected to the server.

How To Change DNS (Name Servers)?

It is feasible to change the nameservers of your domain when you want by following the guidelines that are given here.

  • Visit the website of HyperHost by clicking this link
  • Log in to your Client Portal by entering your credentials
  • Click on the Domain section
HyperHost Nameservers:  Change DNS
  • Then select the Domain name to change the nameservers as required
  • Click on the Manage or Edit button
  • Access the nameservers section and change the current nameservers to the new nameservers you want
  • After changing the domain nameservers, click on the Update Nameservers button

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How Do I Find Nameservers in cPanel?

You can find the nameservers in your welcome mail or your client portal. But you can also find the nameservers in cPanel and the guidelines to find them are given below.

  •  Log in to the cPanel account. You can find the credentials for cPanel in your welcome mail sent to you.
  • Logging in to your cPanel account can be also done through your Client Portal
  • Click on the General Information section
  • Now you can find the nameservers under the general details which will include both the primary and secondary nameserver.

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How To Check The DNS Server And Mail Server in Hyperhost?

To check the DNS server of your domain, you can either find them through your client account of Hosterplan. You can also check through the WHM panel.

  • Us the WHM username and password to log in 
  • Click on the DNS Function
  • Select Edit DNS Zone
  • Select the domain name for which you want to find the nameserver
  • Click on the Edit button
  • You can check the nameservers.

👉 Steps to Check WebMail

  • You must log in to the WHM account 
  • Then select the Mail log tab. The Mail Log particulars will be shown on the screen now
  • You can also find details like day traffic summary, message reject details and several more.

Which Server Location is Best For Hyperhost?

Hyperhost has dedicated servers in different locations with data centers in Ukraine, Netherlands, Bulgaria, USA, and Russia. They help the client find the best suitable server location according to the client’s area.

The client will never have to worry about the server issues that usually occur, but Hyperhost will host the projects of their client on high-speed web servers


If you have chosen HyperHost Nameservers as your website hosting company, then you will never have to bother about the reliability and trustworthiness since HyperHost, offer additional services like extra IPs, SSL Certificate, and CDN service.

With all the services they offer, you can make your website secure and enhance the conversation rate.

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