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Learn How to Update and Setup your Hostripples Nameservers: Hostripples has eight years of involvement in web hosting and offers the most reliable and affordable shared web hosting services with unlimited space and bandwidth. High-speed networks and different hosting plans with various features are their highlights.

What is a Domain NameServers?

Domain Nameserver is a server on the internet and it is specialized in handling queries related to the location of the services of a domain name.

Without these nameservers, it would be difficult to find a website on the internet with the domain name since the nameservers connect the domain name with the IP addresses.

What NameServers Should I Use?

Generally, there are default Hostripples nameservers and custom or private nameservers. When a client registers a domain or purchases a web hosting account from the hosting provider, default nameservers will be allocated and these nameservers can be used for domain or hosting services.

It is up to you to select what nameservers you want to use according to your requirements. Find out all Hosting Nameservers. If Also you want to know about The Beginner’s Guide to Kinsta Nameservers | Add an A Record, Domain.

How To Find The Nameservers For My Account?

The default nameservers can be found in the welcome mail that is sent by the hosting provider or the domain registrar. You can also take the details of the nameservers by accessing your client area through Hostripples login.

How To Set NameServers in Plesk?

To set the nameservers for your domain in Plesk, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • Open the Plesk server and log in with your credentials
  • Then you should create a new account for the domain that you will use for your private nameservers
  • After creating the account, access the DNS settings
  • Click on the Add Record button

How To Update The NameServers Of My Domain in Hostripples?

Updating the nameservers of your domain is not a difficult process. Follow these simple steps given below and you can quickly finish updating the nameservers.

  • Log in to the client area from where you registered your nameservers, if you register your domain hostripples, then go to Hostripples Client Area Login
hostripples nameservers
  • Then click on the Domains section and select the domain to update the nameservers
  • Click on the Manage or Edit button and access the nameservers section
  • You can see the current nameservers of your domain in the fields
  • You can change or add a new nameserver here
  • After updating the nameservers, click on the Update Nameservers button

How To Check DNS Servers And Mail Servers?

  • Us the WHM username and password to log in to the WHM account
  • Click on the DNS Function
Hostripples Namesever
  • Select Edit DNS Zone
Hostripples Nameservers
  • Select the domain name for which you want to find the nameserver
  • Click on the Edit button
hostripples nameservers
  • You can check the nameservers here

Steps to check Mail Server

  • Log in to the WHM account first
  • Select the Mail log option. The complete Mail Log details will be shown on the screen
  • Then you will be given information like day traffic summary, message reject details and several more.

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 How To Modify The DNS On Your Domain in Hostripples?

You can modify the DNS records in Plesk by following the guidelines given here.

  • The first step is to log in to the Plesk server
  • Then click on the Domains option that can be seen under the Hosting Services
  • Find your domain and click on the link that says Control Panel
  • Select the Websites and Domains tab
  • Then click on the link that says DNS settings
  • Click on the Manage button for the domain you want to modify the DNS records for
  • To edit the record, you can select each record one by one under the Host section and make necessary changes as required. For more details, you can always visit this Website of HostRipples.

Can I “Point” More Than One Domain Name At My Site?

Yes, you can point more than one domain name at your site if you have at least one virtual domain that is attached to your account. You can choose to park additional domains, so using different domain names you can reach the site.

The parked domain does not have a unique IP address of its own. They use the same IP address as your existing domain.

 Hostripples NameServer | FAQs


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