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For those who are considering creating a website, the first thing you will need is a domain. The domain name can be chosen by you, but need to check if the domain name is available to use Hostingraja Nameserver.

Besides, you need web hosting to save your files for the website and you will also need to update your domain settings and point your website to a web hosting server. HostingRaja is one such service provider that can help you and guide you in registering a domain and hosting your website.

How Do I Change Nameservers On HostingRaja?

When you change the nameservers, it will be updated instantly, but you will have to wait for 2 or 3 days for the propagation to complete. The steps to change the nameserver of your domain registered on HostingRaja are given below.”

  • First, you must log in to the HostingRaja Client Area by clicking this link
  • After logging in to your account, select the My Domain Tab
  • Now click on the Edit button given against the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers for
  • In the primary and secondary fields provided on the page, enter the new nameservers
  • Click on Save Changes

How To Find DNS Nameserver From The WHM Panel in HostingRaja?

The nameservers of your domain can be found from the WHM panel in Hostingraja Nameserver and the guidelines to find it is given here.

  • Using the WHM username and password, you must first log in to the server
  • Click on the DNS Function option given
  • Now click on Edit DNS Zone
Hostingraja Nameserver
  • Select the domain name for which you want to find the nameserver
  • Click on the Edit button
  • See the details of the nameservers in the menu

How to Check DNS Server And Mail Server?

To check the DNS server, you can use the steps mentioned above in the section How to Find a DNS nameserver from the WHM panel. Below are the steps to check the mail log in a Dedicated Box.

Steps to check mail long in web hosting manager:

  • Log in to the WHM account
  • Click on the Mail log option which will direct you to the complete Mail Log details
  • Then you will be given information like day traffic summary, message reject details, and many other details
How to DNS ZONE Editor Hostingraja Nameserver

There are other ways to check the mail server through your server and HostingRaja cPanel. To find more details and guidelines to these you can check the website of the HostingRaja.

How to Create Nameservers in HostingRaja?

When a client registers a domain with HostingRaja, by default, the nameservers for that particular domain will be created automatically by the HostingRaja. The HostingRaja name servers will look like,, etc. If you want to create custom nameservers then you can create the nameservers you wish. 

To set the nameservers, you must access HostingRaja Webmail Login to your client account and visit the Domain section. Then choose the domain name and click on the edit button. You can see the nameservers there and choose the default nameserver to select the HostingRaja nameserver.

How to Change the Nameserver For a Domain Using HostingRaja Chatbot?

Find the direction to change the nameserver of your domain using HostingRaja Chatbot below.

  • Open the HostingRaja Chatbot
  • You will get a welcome message and will ask you to enter the domain name
  • Type the domain name in the chat area
  • Then you will be asked to enter the registered email id
  • After you enter the email id, you will be asked to enter the issue you are facing
  • Type the message – want to change the nameserver
  • You will receive a reply on the chatbot saying please click on the below option which is – Want to Change/update Nameserver
  • You will receive a Pin for verification
  • Check your registered email id and copy the PIN and paste it into the chat
  • Now you will be asked to enter the domain name for which you want to change the nameserver
  • You can answer the next question regarding how many name servers you want
  • Then type the nameservers as asked in the chatbot
  • You will receive a message on the chatbot saying that your nameserver has changed.

How To Get The Nameserver Of The Domain in Linux Shared Hosting Using Chatbot?

To get the Hostingraja Nameserver for the domain in Linux shared hosting, you can use the HostingRaja chatbot. Then follow the steps given here.

  • Asked by the Chatbot, you should enter the domain name followed by your registered email id
  • Type – I want to get the nameservers of the domain in Linux shared hosting
  • Click on the Want Nameserver Details for Domain option given in the message received
  • Now you can see all the details of the nameserver for that particular domain.

What Happens When You Clear the DNS Cache?

Clearing the DNS cache will delete all the IP addresses or other DNS records. Usually, the DNS cache will be cleared from time to time automatically.



HostingRaja has a help site that has several FAQs and answers. A majority of the doubts you might have can be cleared with the help of this and also they have a great Hosting Raja customer care team.

Visit the website of Hostingraja Nameserver to know more details regarding HostingRaja Domain price, web hosting plans, and more.

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