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Hosterplan is a web hosting service provider that offers disk space for customers on their high-performance web servers located in various regions.

HosterPlan Nameservers manages a dedicated server and all their web hosting plans allow the customer to run their website rather than the webserver.

Following are more details regarding how to find the nameservers, how to move your website to Hosterplan, and much other related information.

What is DNS NS1?

DNS NS1 is the domain nameserver that is created when a domain is purchased from a registrar. Usually, two nameservers are created for a domain which is ns1 and n2. Nameservers like NS1 will hold the other records of DNS.

This nameserver will help in connecting the domain name with the IP address. With the use of nameservers, people need to only enter the domain address in the web browser to find a website.

How Do I Find Nameservers in cPanel?

You can easily find the nameservers of your domain in cPanel by following the mentioned steps below.

  • Log in to the cPanel account first. You can find the credential for cPanel in your welcome mail sent to you by the hosting company. Logging in to your cPanel account can be also done through your client portal
  • Click on the General Information section
  • Now you can see the general details which will include the nameservers of your domain under the primary and secondary nameserver

The nameservers can also be found in the client portal and the welcome email as well.

How To Register Hosterplan Nameservers?

When you have a domain, you can create custom nameservers or use default nameservers. Here are the steps to register HosterPlan Nameservers.

  • Log into your Client Portal of Hosterplan
  • Find the field where you can enter the custom nameservers usually under the domain section
  • Select the domain name and click on the domain name to register the nameserver
  • Click on DNS management and you must set the DNS records
  • You must enter the IP address for both the nameservers, ns1 and ns2
  • After entering the custom nameservers to your domain registrar you will have to wait for a day or two for the changes to happen.

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How Do I Change Nameservers on Hosterplan?

Changing the HosterPlan Nameservers of your domain is not a difficult task. Check out the steps mentioned below to change your nameservers.

  • Visit the website of Hosterplan and log in to your client portal account
  • Then click on the Domain’s section
  • Choose the domain name for which you need to change the nameservers
  • Click on the Edit/manage button
  • You can see the nameservers in the fields now
  • Delete the current nameservers mentioned in the field and enter the new ones
  • Click on Save/Update Nameservers

How To Check The DNS Server and Mail Server in Hosterplan?

To check the DNS server of your domain, you can either find them through your client account of Hosterplan. You can also check through the WHM panel.

  • Us the WHM username and password to log in
  • Click on the DNS Function
HosterPlan Nameservers Check The DNS Server
  • Select Edit DNS Zone
HosterPlan Nameservers
  • Select the domain name for which you want to find the nameserver
  • Click on the Edit button
HosterPlan Nameservers DNS Zone Editor
  • You can check the nameservers here

Steps to check webmail:-

  • Log in to the WHM account
  • Select the Mail log tab. The complete Mail Log details will be displayed on the screen now
  • Then you will be given information like day traffic summary, message reject details, and several more.

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How To Add an Addon Domain on cPanel Hosting in Hosterplan?

  • The first things to do is log in to the cPanel account
  • Click on Domains Section
  • Now from the drop-down menu, choose the Addon Domain option
  • Enter the domain in the New Domain Name field
HosterPlan Nameservers
  • Then click on the Subdomain option and the Document Root
  • Check –  Create an FTP account option for that addon domain If you require the FTP
  • Click on Add Domain button
  • After adding the domain you must also set the DNS records

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How Do I Move My Site From My Old Host to Your Nameservers?

At any time, if you feel like transferring your website from your current host to a new host, you can do it easily by accessing your client portals. See the steps given here.

  • Add the domain name to your new host first, which is the Hosterplan
  • Move the files of your site using the FTP
  • The next step is to export the site’s database from the old host
  • Create a new database and must  import the same to your new host now
  • Modify the configuration details if it is required
  • Then text your website
  • Move your custom email address to the new host
  • The nameservers should be updated for the domain

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Use Hosterplan for hosting your website as their web hosting is optimized for the client’s needs and is very fast and scalable for your website to enhance the traffic. With various features and hosting plans, HosterPlan Nameservers could be a perfect choice.

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