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Web hosting is necessary if you want to introduce your website to the public to increase the traffic to your business. While choosing the best web hosting service provider, you must always check the features, products, and services they offer.

One of the best options is GigaPros which is a private web hosting company that offer web hosting plans and cheap Windows dedicated server. Go through this guide to understand more about GigaPros nameservers and DNS.

What Are Gigapros Nameservers?

Gigapros nameservers are those nameservers created by default but the Gigapros Registrar. When a client registers or adds a domain, these nameservers will be created and send you the details to your email along with the domain information.

The Gigapros Nameservers will look like this:

Where Do I Find My Gigapros Nameservers?

If you have bought the domain through Gigapros, then the nameservers will be sent to the welcome mail they send to your mail-id. You can also find your Gigapros nameservers in the domains section of your Gigapros Client Area.

How to Add or Modify DNS Records in GigaPros?

You can add or modify the DNS records of that domain easily if your domain is purchased from GigaPros

  • First, you must log in to your client area –
Gigapros Nameservers: Add or Modify DNS Records
  • Then click on the Domains tab
  • Select the DNS management option
  • Now all the details regarding your DNS records, like A record, CNAME, MX records, etc will be displayed on the screen
  • According to your requirement, you can click on Add Record and enter the details required
  • You can add or modify A record, CNAME, or MX record in this section itself
  • Click on Update when you finish adding or modifying them

What Do I Set My Domain’s Nameservers to?

Once you register a domain with GigaPros, you will get an email as a welcome mail from Gigapros in which you can find all the details regarding the domain and the nameservers created for that particular domain.

You can set your domain to those nameservers or can create custom or private nameservers if you like.  

How To Edit and Configure a DNS Zone File?

You can manage and configure the DNZ zone file whenever necessary through your client area of the GigaPros.

Check the steps mentioned here to understand how you can edit and configure the DNS Zone File.

  • Log in to the GigaPros client area
  • Click on the Domain tab which can be seen on the dashboard
  • Select the DNS management/ Edit DNS option
  • All the information concerning your DNS records, like A record, CNAME, MX records, etc will be given on the page
  • Click on the record name you want
  • Make sure to enter all the details that are asked when you click on the record name
  • Click on Update when you finish editing and configuring them.

How to Edit MX Records and DNS Zone?

You must first select the domain you want to edit the MX records for.

  • This can be chosen from the drop-down menu of the Change MX section.
  • Then enter the new domain in the text box given and click on Change.
  • Keep in mind that you must enter a Fully Qualified Domain name as the MX destination.
  • You will see a message saying the MX entry for the domain has been changed to your new domain.
  • Then click on the Go Back button. Now you can see your domain and its MX entry in the recent MX entries table.

How Do I Point My Godaddy Domain to GigaPros VPS?

To host your website through Gigapros with the domain registered with Godaddy, you can point that particular domain to Giga Pros easily.

Check the VPS activation email you have received from GigaPros and copy the two IP addresses given.

  • Visit the website of GoDaddy and log in to your account –
Gigapros Nameservers
  • On the dashboard, click on the Domain tab
  • Now select the domain name to point that domain to GigaPros
  • Click on the Advanced Details option
  • A new Domain information page will appear on the screen
  • Scroll down to find the Host Summary and click on Add
  • Now in the Hostname field enter ns1
  • Enter the IP address you have copied from the Gigapros email. Do the same for the second IP field
  • Click on the Ok button
  • Go back to the domain section and click on the Nameservers tab.
  • You will be asked to choose one option from three choices and you must choose I have my nameservers
  • Type the nameservers in the fields and click the Update/OK button

I Didn’t Buy The Domain From You. Can You Change My DNS?

It is not feasible to change the DNS of your domain if you have not purchased the domain from GigaPros. It is because the control of your domain is with the registrar of the domain.


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