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Steps to check your support ticket history has also been covered in this article, exclusively for you.

After all that, we will cover other customer’s feedback on the company alongside covering our experience with them.

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About DomainRacer  

Started in 2012, DomainRacer is based out of India, serving its users with cheaper web hosting options. They are known for their three types of web hosting: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting.


They provide these exclusive addons such as unlimited SSD space(100% SSD storage servers), free domain(.in,.com), free ssl certification, and free add-on SEO default tools. 

In the next section, we will tell you all about the support channels this company offers.

What Support Channels Does DomainRacer Offer?

The support channels offered by DomainRacer are as follows:

  • Live chat

A live customer support agent waiting for you, just a message away.

  • Call support

They provide an active helpline number which can be used to contact them with any query.

Call support
  • Email support

Contact them through their 24/7 active email support regarding any type of help, such as Sales, Support, or Billing.

Email support
  • Support Ticket

A most prevalent contact channel where you can write down your query and get detailed answers.

Support Ticket

These are all the support channels this company offers next in the line we have for you how to use these support channels to contact them

In the next section, we will see how to use these channels to contact DomainRacer support.

How to Contact DomainRacer Support

Do you have any problem regarding Domainracer’s plan or are you looking for someplace where you can create a support ticket? As in this part, we bring to you all the steps you will need to do to contact them.

Email support

Domainracer has these three help email, use them according to your problem. These are:

  1. For Sales related inquiries – [email protected]
  2. For Support related help – [email protected]
  3. For Billing related doubts – [email protected]

Call support

To connect to them over call you can use their registered number (+91 9112444404), between 11 am to 7 pm MON-SAT IST.

Live chat

  1. Visit the main page of DomianRacer.
  2. On the bottom right of the screen, find a chat icon like this.
DomainRacer Support 
  1. Clicking on it and typing your name will initiate a chat with the live customer support agent.

Support Ticket

To create a support ticket, you have two steps need to follow these steps

Creating ticket through dashboard→

  1. On the dashboard, find the support section, located in the upper right of the screen < click on the tickets button.
click on the tickets button
  1. Click on the previous button will open up a new page, find and click the “open ticket” on the down right of the screen.
My Support Tickets
  1. Choose the relevant department you want to send your tickets to, choose from the sales, support and billing department. 
Create New Support Request
  1. You can write in your questions or describe your issue here after the option to create a ticket opens.
You can write in your questions or describe your issue

Creating ticket through contact page →

  • Visit the official website of Domainracer < find the “contact us” tab on the top right side of the screen < click on it.
  • This will open up a ticket creation page where you can enter your email and name and type in your query.
enter your email and name and type in your query

Read all about how to connect to the domainRacer dedicated support team, did you? Great!!

In the next section, we have for you how to check the support ticket history for all the support tickets you’ve sent out to them.

How do I Check My Support Ticket History?

Have you sent them a ticket and are looking for a place to check their received response? These are the steps that will help you to do so.

  • Complete your login to the dashboard < upon your login, you will find yourself in the client area.
  • On the main page, you will easily find the tickets tab < click on it. 
On the main page, you will easily find the tickets tab
  • Upon clicking, you will find all your created support tickets.
My Support Tickets

The last updated date, ticket status, and any previously created tickets are listed here, along with the subject.

Let’s learn about the relevant customer feedback and find what previous customers have to say about DomainRacer.

Other DomainRacer Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is really important for any web hosting company to know about if the provided services actually work or not. Present in front of you are the comments from some of the valued customers.

  • “Best web hosting in India”
Best web hosting in India
  • “Instaneous setup”
Instaneous setup
  • “Thank you Kiran for hooking me up with GREAT WEB HOSTING provider”
Thank you Kiran for hooking me up with GREAT WEB HOSTING provider
  • “Bad customer service”
Bad customer service

Covered for you in the next section is our own personal experience working with DomainRacer support.

Our Experience with the DomainRacer Support 

Our experience can provide you with a genuine idea about the support services so presenting to you is our personal experience working with the company.

  • Email support

They were absolutely correct and appropriate with the response and we experienced a wait time of just 1 hour.

Domainracer Email support
  • Call support

The customer support proper with the knowledge to help us with various different doubts.

  • Live chat

Their live chat was amazing and helped us through every query we had, but they were particularly slow with the technical query we had. But they were very detailed in their response.

  • Support Ticket

We faced a wait of an hour between the creation of the ticket and getting the answer but the resolutions they provided were detailed, appropriate and descriptive.

Domainracer Support Ticket

Want to read more about this company continue your reading to our other article on DomainRacer where we have reviewed this company thoroughly with our standardised parameters and given an appropriate rating out of 5 to this company.

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Although we went long with the article, we covered all your basics on the DomainRacer support. Now you know everything on the support channels this company offers and how to connect to them using these channels.

We even told you about where to check your support ticket history. Right after we covered the pre-existing user feedback and our personal experience working with this company.

Like what you read, continue your read to this article where we cover for you, the DomainRacer ordering guide, an article complete with all the plans this company offers and the ordering procedure you need to follow to make a purchase.

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