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Trying to locate DomainRacer Nameservers, but due to less tech know-how, ain’t able to do so? In this case, we bring to you the right article covering How to locate the DomainRacer Nameservers, How to point them to your Domain registered with another hosting company and even help you to contact the DomainRacer Support Team at times when your Namservers do not respond.

Furthermore, this article has even covered a great tool, WHOIS Checker, by GoogieHost, which can help you verify if the nameservers have been updated correctly or not.

So, let’s get on learning a bit more about the DomainRacer NameServers.

DomainRacer NamerServers

Exclusively for our fellow readers, We have tabled the DomainRacer nameservers to help you find them at one place.


How to find DomainRacer NameServers?

Finding it difficult to Locate the DomainRacer namesever by yourself? Written below are some dedicated steps that can help you find DomainRacer NameServers by yourself.

  • Go to your main page of DomainRacer and complete your login to the dashboard.
  • Your dashboard will open up < on the left side of the screen; you will find the “services” option; click on it.
  • Find the “My services” option under the Services option and click on it.
DomainRacer NameServers
  • It will direct you to the “product & services” page < click on the “active” button on the desired service you want to configure.
DomainRacer my product service
  • It will open up a new page, scroll down to find the cPanel/WHM credential < here, you can discover DomainRacer NameServers along with their IP.
DomainRacer Nameservers cpanel

Below, we have cohesively covered the steps to point these nameservers to your already existing Domain registered with another hosting company.

How do I point to the DomainRacer NameServers in my domain?

In order to point the DomainRacer NameServers to your existing domain, that you have already registered with another hosting provider, you need to follow the given guidelines:

  • Complete your login, and this will give you access to the client area < Go to the left side of the screen to find the domain option.
  • Find and click the “My domain” option under the domain option.
DomainRacer NameServers domains
  • Drop down the Domain Tab < Click on the active button beside the functional domain to open up the control panel of the particular website.
DomainRacer NameServers my domain
  • On the control panel, find the Manage option on the right-hand side of the screen < find and click the Nameservers option.
DomainRacer NameServers manage
  • Get Access to the Change nameserver option, type in your nameserver here < click on the “Change Nameservers” option right after.
DomainRacer NameServerss Nameservers

Below, we will cover how to verify whether the updated Nameservers are successfully updated or not.

How do I check and verify my updated NameServers?

In this section, we will bring you a fantastic tool, WHOIS checker by googiehost, to check if you have successfully updated your Nameservers and whether the DNS propagation has been successful.

  • Visit the official website of GoogieHost < scroll down to the Free Tools section to find “WHOIS Checker” option.
DomainRacer Googiehost
  • It will open up the “WHOIS Checker” main page < enter the domain name < click on the “Get WHOIS Data” button.
DomainRacer whois checker
  • Scroll down on the new page to all the information related to your domain, find the nameservers tab, and you will find your updated nameservers beside it.
DomainRacer updated nameserver

Be patient! If you do not see your updated nameservers, it can take 24 to 48 hours to get the DNS to propagate. 

If you need any further help, the next section covers the support channels you will use to contact them.

How to contact DomainRacer Support if my NameServers Are not working?

You can use The following support channels to contact the DomainRacer support team.

Live Chat

You can connect via live chat, where a support agent is waiting for you 24/7. 

You can easily find this option from the lower right of the main page.

DomainRacer homepage

Call Support

DomainRacer has an active phone line where you can contact them Mon-Sat, 11 am to 7 pm IST on their official number, +91 9112444404.

DomainRacer call us

Email Support

DomainRacer has the following 3 help email id:

Support Ticket

Creating a support ticket can be done by these 2 methods:

From Dashboard →

  • On your dashboard, you will find the Support section in the upper right side of the screen < hit the tickets option.
DomainRacer tickets
  • It will open up a new page < find and click the “open ticket” in the support section located on the downright of the page.
DomainRacer openticket
  • On the next page, choose the relevant department for your ticket query and choose between the sales, support and billing departments.
DomainRacer create a new supports
  • The ticket creation option will open up; type in your problem with a relevant subject < hit the submit button right after. 

From the Contact Us page →

  • Visit the DomainRacer official website < look and click on the “contact us” tab, located on the top right side of the screen.
DomainRacer contact us
  • It will open up all the support mediums this company provides with a ticket creation page where you can create your ticket.
DomainRacer create

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Had a good read on DomainRacer nameservers? Let’s conclude this article finally.


We talked all about DomainRacer nameservers, how to find the DomainRacer Nameserver and point them back to your domain. We even told you about the steps to verify these updated nameservers through this amazing tool, WHOIS checker by Googiehost.

You also know about all the support channels this company provides its users.

Like what you read, continue your read over to DomainRacer support, where we have covered all the support channels this company offers and the steps to connect to these support channels.

Tell us what you liked about the article in the comment box, and suggest what you want us to cover next. As Always, Happy Hosting 👍

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