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bodHost is a website hosting company that can help you in authorizing your web identity. Their offer various services including managed dedicated servers, custom server solutions, VPS hosting, web hosting, data centers, and spam experts.

Anybody can easily use their services as everything is user-friendly. Read more to understand various factors related to nameservers and DNS. 

What Are bodHost NameServers?

bodHost Nameservers are the default nameservers formed when a domain is registered with bodHost. The client can set the default nameserver or can create private nameservers for the domain.

The default nameservers will be automatically created upon registering the domain and you can set the default nameservers for your domain through the client portal.

How To Secure a DNS Server?

To secure the DNS server, you must first secure your server information. Then restrict limitation on recursive queries and run the server as a non-privileged user.

Moreover, you must limit the zone transfers, use DNS security extensions, and keep your server updated always.

How To Change DNS Settings in cPanel?

Using cPanel, you can make changes to the DNS records very easily.

  • First, you must Log In to the cPanel account
  • Type the correct credentials to log in
  • Now type DNS in the search bar on top
  • Click on Zone Editor
  • You can now see the advanced options of the domain
  • Click on Manage to access the DNS for the domain
  • Then click on the drop-down menu of +Add Record
  • Choose the record name for which you want to change the details for 
  • After making the changes to each record, you must click on the Add Record button

Where Do I Find My bodHost Nameservers?

If your domain is registered with bodHost Nameservers, then you will receive a welcome mail from bodHost which will include the Details of the Nameservers and the domain you have purchased.

You can also find your bodHost nameserver in your client portal under the domain section.

How To Create Custom Name Servers For Your Dedicated Server?

Check the guidelines given here, if you want to create a custom nameserver for your dedicated server.

  • You must sign in to the client portal of your domain registrar
  • Click on Maintain Nameservers or Glue records. The section will not be the same in every client portal
  • You must then enter the ns1 and the IP address for the custom nameserver
  • Log in to WHM and go to DNS functions and then Select the Edit DNS Zone from where you can find the IP of the custom nameserver.
How to Create Custom Name Servers: BodHost Nameservers
  • Then you should select the main domain from the list of domain 
  • Click on the Edit button
  • You can now find the ns1 and ns2 subdomain entries for the custom nameservers
  • You must repeat doing the 3rd steps mentioned here to set the ns2 host
  • Now to complete the process, you must update all the domains to point to the custom nameservers you have created.

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How To Transfer Domain Name With Minimum Downtime?

To transfer the domain name with the lowest downtime, use the following guidelines.

  • Create an account with a new web hosting company to which you want to transfer the domain.
  • Migration of website information can only be initiated from the current host to the new host using the FTP 
  • After the data are migrated, the new host’s connection must be established and the files should be uploaded.
  • Keep a backup of all the databases on the current host and then backup files should be uploaded using FTP to the new host. 
BodHost Nameservers: Transfer Domain name With Minimum Downtime
  • The database restoration can be done through phpMyAdmin of cPanel or SSH
  • Your old host mails will be archived by creating a connection of each mail address using POP3. 
  • If you follow this you can download the older email to your device
  • Now the new host will receive new emails
  • If cPanel is being used as the hosting control panel for the new and old host, then the older emails can be transferred by the new host
  • After cross-checking the files on both current and new hosting accounts, you can update the nameservers with the new ones created by the new host
  • When you make changes to the DNS, it will take about 48 hours for your website to load on the new hosting server.

How To Change Nameservers for My Domains in bodHost?

Open the client portal of bodHost by entering your credentials. Select the domain section and choose the domain name for which you want to change the nameservers for.

Then click on the Manage/Edit button and access the nameservers section where you can see the current nameservers of your domain. Now change your nameservers in the fields provided and click on Update Nameservers. If Also you want to know about the bodHost Login: Install Free Let’s Encrypt SSL

FAQs – bodHost NameServers

Conclusion – bodHost NameServers

Here is the link to the website of bodHost. Visit their website to learn more about their hosting plans and features and choose a plan that suits your requirements bodHost Nameservers.

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